Organization: Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center

Job title: Education Director

Reports to: Executive Director

Department: Educational Program

Job Location: Sandstone, Minnesota

Preferred starting date (flexible): June 1, 2021 or later

Job Type: Full-time/regular, salaried



The purpose of the Education Director at Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center (OspreyWilds.org) is to provide leadership, management and execution of the highest quality environmental education programming for a wide variety of audiences. Programs include residential, day-use and outreach K-12, virtual, college, adult, community and senior programs, youth and family camps and retreats/conference groups. As a senior-level administrator, this position assists the Executive Director and collaborates with the Operations Director in leadership of Osprey Wilds.



Reports to Executive Director:
o   Development Director

o   Director of Charter School Authorizing

o   Education Director

o   Operations Director

Reports to Education Director:

o   Fellowship Coordinator

o   Wildlife Coordinator

o   Reservations Coordinator



•      Minimum Level Education: Master’s Degree

•      Preferred: K-12 Science Licensure and K-12 classroom teaching experience

•      Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communications skills, including curriculum and public presentations.

•      Demonstrated commitment to excellence in environmental education.

•      Demonstrated commitment to educational equity, inclusion, and justice.

•      Demonstrated leadership and management of teams in a professional setting.

•      Excellent problem-solving, decision-making and prioritization skills.

•      Good computer skills, including Google Suite, Zoom and Microsoft Office.

•      Human resource management skills and experience, including organizational development, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI), performance evaluations, goal setting, training and development, motivating, team building, hiring, and discipline.

•      Ability to manage programs within budget, read financial statements and use information to guide decision-making.

•      Experience with risk management and emergency procedures

•      First Aid and CPR certification required, additional certifications preferred

•      Favorable background screening required

•      Driver’s license and ability to drive all types of vehicles, including 15 passenger vans with trailers



Program Management and Administration (30%)

•      Direct all aspects of Osprey Wilds K-12, outreach, youth camp, family camp, & Road Scholar® programs, maintaining responsibility for appropriate, safe, and effective operations

•      Maintain oversight of programs including scheduling, staffing, facilities, equipment, etc.

•      Work collaboratively with other center department supervisors to ensure positive customer experiences while also enabling productive staff functioning in all departments

•      Design, lead and support the professional development of Osprey Wilds educational program staff

•      Lead and conduct the education department’s recruitment of staff, hiring, retention, and employee performance evaluations


Program Development, Marketing and Partnerships (30%)
•      Seek, maintain & strengthen relationships with leaders of k-12 school clients

•      Secure school attendance through retention of existing clients and recruitment of new schools

•      Support the center’s executive, communication and development functions

•      Assist with funding opportunities for programs, including grants and donations

•      Work with Leadership Team and Marketing Coordinator for the effective execution of Osprey Wilds marketing strategies and activities, with focus toward increasing enrollment

•      Assist in strategic and long-term planning for all Osprey Wilds programs

•      Represent Osprey Wilds with a wide variety of local, regional and national professional organizations appropriate to the Osprey Wilds mission

•      Review scholarship requests and follow up on funder requirements

•      Support communication efforts, including but not limited to writing and/or editing of center literature, marketing and related efforts

•      Seek out, develop and implement new educational opportunities and programs


Risk Management (10%)
•      Ensure Osprey Wilds meets all local, state, and federal regulations for safety in the programs, including COVID-19 Preparedness

•      Direct and oversee complete and timely safety practices for all Osprey wilds activities and facilities including policy, safety and security training for program staff

•      Review programs and facilities regularly for safety and security compliance.
•      Document all safety inspections, incidents, etc. as needed on a timely basis


Educational Vision and Leadership (10%)

•      Lead entire Osprey Wilds educational program staff

•      Lead the design process for, implement, and evaluate organization-wide educational goals, both short and long term, to position Osprey Wilds at the leading and growing edge of environmental education

•      Lead, create and implement successful tactics to achieve assigned objectives of the organizational strategic plan


Financial and Business Management (5%)

•      Develop and manage operating expense budgets for education programs under jurisdiction

•      Assist in development of revenue budget and fee setting for programs, including appropriate scoping of new and existing programs

•      Assist in development and execution of annual budget

•      Ensure cost effective, high value and efficient use of financial resources in program delivery


Curriculum and Instructional Design Management (5%)
•      Ensure that program design and implementation remain clearly aligned to the center’s mission, goals and strategic advancement efforts
•      Review and adjust curriculum, resources and staff development in response to changing trends in the industry

Evaluation (5%)

•      Manage re-accreditation process and evaluate program based on accreditation rubric.
•      Manage design and implementation of all program-based evaluation activities
•      Monitor quality of education delivery, formally and informally through varieties of methods

Teaching (5%)

•      Periodically teach Osprey Wilds classes

•      Maintain working knowledge of all Osprey Wilds programs & classes



•      Create a working environment which promotes job satisfaction and growth for all employees. Work with employee concerns in a fair manner within policy guidelines.

•      Enforce all Osprey Wilds policies in a fair, consistent manner

•      Effectively solve facility and property needs relational to customer experience on a timely basis in collaboration with facilities staff.

•      Maintain programs in a manner that ensures safety to staff and students at all times.

•      Address critical issues on a 24/7 basis and respond as needed.

•      Anticipate potential concerns in all areas of the business. Proactively plan to prevent concerns or issues.



•      This position is limited by all Osprey Wilds policies and local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations

•      This position must obtain Executive Director approval for spending beyond planned budget and for any capital spending

•      This position must obtain Executive Director approval for addition of any new programs, curriculums, and initiatives

•      This position has authority for all HR activities and decisions within the educational program

•      This position has authority for all purchases within approved budget



•      This position is accountable for the successful and timely execution of programs, policies, and procedures in accordance with the Osprey Wilds’ mission statement and business needs

•      This position is accountable for annual revenues and expenditures of approximately $800,000

•      This position is accountable for the actions and performance of 11 staff





•      Employment at Osprey Wilds is “At Will” and is not a contract.

•      Employment is conditional until acceptance of a favorable background screening.

•      This position will require a minimum of 40 hours per week with a flexible work schedule, including evenings and weekends, to fulfill business needs. Full-time attendance “on campus” is a normal expectation when not off campus for business purposes, except for remote-working during COVID-19.

•      This position will work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.

•      This position requires work at heights of up to 40 feet.

•      This position requires the ability to swim while wearing a PFD and adequately facilitate basic water rescue techniques.

•      This position prefers competence in outdoor skills, including orienteering, canoeing, backpacking, Leave No Trace, camping, rock climbing, and ropes course management.

•      This position requires occasional overnight, multi-day travel.

•      This position requires regular and repetitive tasks related to computer and office work.

•      This position requires a valid Class D driver’s license with a favorable driving record.

•      This position requires physical exertion; occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs.

•      This position requires the ability to travel under his/her own power, for hours at a time, through the terrain of the entire Osprey Wilds property in all types of Minnesota weather year-round.



•      Starting Annual Salary of $45,000

•      Eligible for Health Care and Simple IRA through Osprey Wilds. We currently offer health care coverage through Health Partners with a $3,000 individual deductible and $6,000 family deductible and contribute $600 annually into your HSA to be used towards your deductible. We match your Simple IRA up to 3% of your annual earnings.

•      10 Annual Floating Holidays & 120 Hours PTO Annually beginning rate

•      Professional Development & Training Opportunities


Apply and download a PDF of this position here.





About Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center

Osprey Wilds is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) residential environmental learning center and conference & retreat center nestled on the shores of Grindstone Lake in east-central Minnesota.

We are committed to developing an understanding, ethics and responsibility regarding the environment and stewardship through formal and informal teaching that links nature and humans.