Pacific Seabird Group is dedicated to the study and conservation of Pacific seabirds and their environment. Students are a core membership of PSG; they contribute 29% of the PSG operating fund and comprise 40% of the annual meeting volunteer base. The PSG Student Research Grant (SRG) was created in 2019 by the PSG Former Chairs to honor and support the numerous contributions of the PSG student membership.

This grant seeks to aid student-led research in the promotion of up-and-coming scholar members of Pacific Seabird Group. This year, the PSG Student Research Grant will fund at least three grants, one grant per degree-level (bachelor, master, doctoral). Funds are raised by the PSG Former Chairs and matched by the PSG Executive Committee (EXCO). Past grant awards were between $500 and $1000.

Grant Requirements


Applicants must be currently enrolled in a degree program (BA, BS, MS, MA, PhD) at an accredited community college, college, or university. Applicants may be enrolled at any of the above institutions in any country and conduct their student research in any part of the world, but the applicable research must be seabird-based. Applicants must be current members of Pacific Seabird Group by the application due date. To become a PSG member, click here.

Use of Funds

Funds are solely used for costs associated with research. Because the global pandemic canceled many field projects this year, we expect some creative requests. Funding definitely includes field or lab supplies and equipment, travel to research or lab sites, and licensing and permitting fees. Funds do not cover salaries and benefits, stipends, institutional fees or overhead, or tuition.

Fund Disbursement

Funds will be disbursed after awardees submit a complete IRS W-9 form. Grants received will be considered taxable income.

Reporting Requirements

On accepting the grant, the awardee agrees to the following:

  • Submission of the grant reporting form by 31 December of the award year. The grant reporting form is available here.
  • Attendance of the Pacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting the calendar year after the grant is awarded. For this grant cycle, students must participate in the conference for PSG 2023.

Required Application Components

  • The application form consists of (a) applicant information; (b) global project goals and objectives (200 words) and SRG-funded project description (300 words) with references (no limit); (c) budget and justification for the grant funds (300 words); and (d) a dissemination plan and any project efforts to advance underrepresented minorities in science (100-word maximum). Click here to access the PSG Student Grant Application form.
  • We are not asking for an advisor’s letter of support at this time, but confirmation that you have shared your application with them and have their support is required. Advisors may be contacted if we have clarifying questions about your proposal. The application form must be completed using the web link by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (PST: UTC -8) on 15 May 2022. If you have any trouble with the web form, please email pastchair@pacificseabirdgroup.org.

Application Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The proposed project has clear goals and objectives that will advance knowledge and understanding of seabirds and/or their environment.
  • The proposed project is well-reasoned, well-organized, and based on a sound rationale.
  • The proposed project suggests and explores original or potentially transformative concepts.
  • The SRG-funded project is critical to meeting the global project goals and objectives.
  • SRG funds will have a high impact on the success of the SRG-funded project (e.g., there are matching funds, the project is ready-to-go, etc.).
    In the case of ties two additional criteria are considered:
  • Student has not received PSG-related funds in the past 3 years (Y/N).
  • The student is within 1 year of the proposed graduation date.

All applications will be evaluated by the Pacific Seabird Group Awards committee (PSG past chair, current chair, and chair-elect), one PSG Former Chair, and one PSG student member (who cannot submit an application the year they serve as judge).