Do you enjoy working with students of all ages? Are you looking for a job that allows you the opportunity to kayak, snorkel, and share the marine environment? Are you a self-motivated, hard-working individual? Then the Pigeon Key Foundation, a 501(c) not-for-profit organization, is looking for you to be a part of our 2015 intern team. Start date in mid-February with a TBD end date in mid-August. Possibility of full-time employment may exist to hired interns who demonstrate a superior ability at the position. Internship provides weekly stipend and on-island housing, as well as food when groups are present.

Marine Science Education Intern Responsibilities:
**This list is not exhaustive but will give interested applicants a better idea of what jobs will be required of them. We are a small organization. We do not hire a janitorial, cooking, or maintenance staff. Each person living and working on the island is required to pitch in. If you do not agree with the statement “if a task needs doing, it is in my job description” please do not apply for this internship.**

Marine Education (65% of internship)
• Lead both classroom and hands-on learning activities for students age Kcollege on a variety of marine science subjects. Hands-on activities include fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and invertebrate collection.
• Days will be long (sometimes 6am-10pm) and often include weekends. Other group-related tasks will include cooking, cleaning, equipment prep/clean-up, etc.
• While groups are on-island they are our number one priority.
• Summer Camps (3-4 weeks in July/August) will require interns to perform all of the above duties, plus participate in camp activities and be overnight counselors in the student dorms

Island Maintenance (20% of internship)
• When groups are not on island, interns will be responsible for island upkeep and preparing for upcoming groups.
• Days will be mostly 9am-5pm M-F schedule, but that can change based on what needs doing and the weather.
• Will include, but not limited to, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, raking, weed whacking, washing sheets, painting, maintaining island grounds, cleaning aquariums, etc.

• Office Work (5%)
• Making group workbooks, expanding and updating curriculum, maintaining membership list, writing articles for the foundation’s newsletter, etc.
• Interns with demonstrated responsibility and integrity may be asked to assist with the foundation’s social media accounts (facebook, instagram, etc.)

• Various (10%)
• Representing the foundation at various events in the community, running work errands, summer camps, etc. This list is not exhaustive.
The successful applicant will be able to live and work well with people of various backgrounds in a small-work environment. The ability to separate personal issues from professional time (and the ability to resolve any personal issues quickly with little conflict) is crucial to this position.