BirdLife is opening a volunteer opportunity for up to 1 year to support activities of the BirdLife initiative on the paradise of Príncipe island – supporting the Príncipe Natural Park and BirdLife Project Officer in their day-to-day activities – including undertaking field assessments and monitoring, community engagement and empowerment initiatives, and other management related activities – to accompany the Príncipe Natural Park toward improved management efficiency!
The volunteer will second BirdLife Project Officer on the island and further promote synergies & efficiencies for the Principe Natural Park & associated institutions.
Field assessments and monitoring:
• Support capacity building of Park staff and other regional institutions.
• Assist in biodiversity, ecosystem service and economic valuation surveys.
• Assist in community awareness raising activities.
• Support the development of ecotourism and associated facilities (e.g., trails).
Community engagement and empowerment:
• Provide assistance in stakeholder consultations.
• Carry out activities to raise awareness about the importance of the Park.
• Propose innovations for the integration of communities in the management of Natural Resources and in the management of the PNP.
Other responsibilities: 
• Monitor & report on implementation of PNP´s field activities; prepare activity plans and budgets for the PNP.
• Facilitate and assist visits; assist research groups and / or PNP visitors on the ground.
• Propose and support the development of communication material.
• Cooperate with local stakeholders on the field.
Skills, experience and qualifications required:
• BSc or more, in environmental science or management.
• High motivation, desire to achieve, attention to detail, excellent organisational skills.
• Oral and written fluency in Portuguese and/or English.
BirdLife will provide the Volunteer with:
• Month subsidies for food of 150EUR and communication of 25EUR.
• Basic accommodations on Príncipe island.
• International and Regional flights and transit expenses, in & out, from your based location to Príncipe island.
• Other costs that may incur related to residency and visa (if non-Santomean).