Learn how to design and deliver projects that make a measurable conservation impact. This intensive training workshop will give you the certified, practical skills in running conservation projects that will strengthen your CV and enable you to make a difference as you hit the ground. These skills were developed and tested on real conservation projects, and are now being used by teams from Australia to Chile. The interactive nature of this training workshop will also help you build your personal network of conservationists.​

  • When: 17th-19th October 2018 inclusive
  • Where: Tubney House, Oxfordshire, OX13 5QL, UK
  • Who for: Conservation practitioners, starters and switchers

Meet Jess. Participant in the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation training workshop.

Learn how to set up and run your own conservation project by:

  • Breaking down your project into manageable phases
  • Assigning roles to the team so that they all have clear levels of decision making
  • Dealing with risks, issues and reviewing lessons learned
  • Applying principles that keep your project on track with more impact
  • Using standardised templates to help plan, monitor and report on your project work.

What certification will you get?

  • Project Management for Wildlife Conservation – Foundation level
  • Project Management for Wildlife Conservation – Intermediate level
  • Project Management for Wildlife Conservation – Trackers and reports.


We need more conservationists in the world, so we’ve tried to keep costs as low as possible:

How to apply for a conservation job - free eBook
  • Cost: £360
  • 10% off if you book before 17th August 2018
  • There is limited accomodation on site for £30 a night.
  • Fee includes free access to certification exam worth £100.

The Venue: Tubney House, Oxfordshire.

Set in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, Tubney House provides the ideal setting to network with other conservationists and complete your training.

For more information please contact [email protected]

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