This is a unique opportunity to independently manage and develop Frontier’s overseas projects in the field with supervision from the London Headquarters. The Project Manager will have overall administrative control of the field projects including volunteer communications, financial management, equipment resupply and maintenance, comprehensive reporting procedures, volunteer and staff recruitment, management of local relations and networks, fundraising for the project and the supervision of local staff.

General Outline of the Role

  • Organise the efficient reception and deployment of all project personnel;
  • Supervising the arrival, briefing, and deployment of new project staff;
  • Administration and control of project budgets and production of accounts and reports to London HQ;
  • Management of all project resources and equipment of Frontier projects including sourcing, purchasing, and generally acquiring equipment for field projects;
  • Development of new aspects to field projects or extending current programmes through liaison with national authorities, research institutes and international research, teaching, tourism and educational agencies, and preparation of project proposals to secure new contracts and funding;
  • Administration and control of project budget, ensuring that expenditure does not exceed allocated funds. Over spending will be recovered from future budgets.
  • Ensure H&S standards are maintained at all times, reviewed regularly and updated when necessary;
  • Collating and reviewing internal reports and equipment inventories from projects;
  • Maintaining and managing communications between field projects, volunteers and London HQ;
  • Providing project specific information once the volunteer has paid the initial deposit;
  • Advising and preparing volunteers with regards to their project details, insurance, arrival details, equipment requirements and kit lists;
  • Organise appropriate visa support letters and travel paperwork;

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Send out welcome letter with introductory information to volunteers on receipt of the deposit payment;
  • Produce, check and update information and briefing materials available to volunteers online via SysAdmin regarding the projects, medical and safety issues, insurance, kit requirements, visas, travel arrangements, and cultural issues;
  • Read and respond to all volunteer email enquiries and feedback within 24 hours of receiving;
  • Inform volunteers of project start and end dates and ensure that those arriving/leaving outside of those dates are fully aware of meeting arrangements;
  • To ensure that all volunteers / research assistants are deployed constructively, usefully and enjoyably and will ensure the discipline and good behaviour of all members of the project team.
  • To ensure the health and safety of all volunteers and field staff involved in the project, dealing with any medical incidents should they arise, being ready to initiate and implement an emergency medical evacuation procedure if necessary.
  • Identify inconsistencies, duplications and mistakes in information provided to volunteers and ensure changes are made in consultation with the Head of Operations;
  • Write references for past volunteers upon request;
  • Monitor project prices and compare to similar projects available to ensure Frontier project prices remain competitive;
  • Write visa, excess baggage, and fundraising support letters upon request;
  • Provide independent reviews from outgoing volunteers on a weekly basis on websites such as Abroad Reviews.
  • Communicate via situation reports and phone calls to London HQ and ensure that all communications are recorded effectively;
  • Monitor project activities through reporting and updating system to London HQ and advise or enforce change as necessary;
  • Ensure that internal reports are provided in the correct format and on time;
  • Implementation of Frontier field project social media initiative including daily Facebook updates with copy and photos, science blog articles & tweets, and weekly volunteer reviews, project news and gap year travel news directly from the field.
  • Ensure that quarterly reports include project videos (10 minutes or longer), 150+ photos and the production of a quarterly SEE newsletter to be sent to London and uploaded on the SEE website.
  • Identification of suppliers and the purchase and maintenance of equipment for field projects in country;
  • Managing invoices for equipment purchases (in cooperation with the Accounts Department at London HQ);
  • Sourcing potential sponsors and donors of equipment;
  • Oversee and coordinating the order of equipment to field projects.
  • Oversee the maintenance, servicing and repair of all project equipment;
  • Identifying potential sources of funding, producing funding proposals and maintaining relationships with current and potential donors, collaborators and stakeholders;
  • Liaising with collaborating organisations, including project donors, and technical advisors and to develop new collaborative links and projects;
  • Researching and reporting on information relevant to the development of new projects/sites.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all volunteers, project staff and host-country participants at all times, dealing with any medical incidents should they arise, being ready to initiate and implement an emergency medical evacuation procedure if necessary;
  • Contract and manage local employees, and where necessary the employment of new staff and payment of wages;
  • Supervise and arrange the arrival of new volunteers and project staff and briefing volunteers and staff on all aspects of country life upon their arrival in country;
  • Oversee and act as internal verifier for elements of the project field training.

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