LOCATION: Project Officer vacancies are available throughout the Mid-Western Southern Uplands, North Connaught/ Ulster and East-Southeast Co-operation Project areas. Initial training will be in Galway and Kerry/ Limerick, but Project Officer posts are available based in Cork, Galway, Kerry, Leitrim and Wicklow.

ROLE: Project Officers are the primary farmer facing role within the Co-operation Project. They have a key role in the delivery of a locally relevant agri-environment programme that addresses the many challenges for our environment. The Project Officer is there to support farmers in the programme and ensure that the outputs from a farmer’s participation in the scheme are optimised.


Project Officers will:

  • Assess habitats and participate in the quality control of habitat assessments submitted by farm advisors;
  • Produce farm plans;
  • Participate in the monitoring of key species/ habitats and or chemical physical parameters as required;
  • Supervise the work of Nest Protection Officers;
  • Support monitoring, nest protection and other sub-contractors;
  • Assist in the assessment of risks to biodiversity, archaeological heritage, and water quality.
  • Assess fire, flooding, and nest predation risks at farm and landscape level;
  • Assist in the selection and design of landscape level Interventions (habitat enhancements);
  • Participate in commonage assessments throughout the country;
  • Assist the Remote Sensing Officer with drone surveys;
  • Develop engagement with local communities, NGOs, and other local stakeholders;
  • Liaise with farmers and local communities to inform them of project sponsored activities;
  • Project Officers will screen proposed non-productive investments (environmental management infrastructure) and landscape interventions; and,
  • Project Officers will deliver training to farmers, advisors, and other stakeholders.


Following initial training Project Officers will undergo a detailed Continuous Professional Development Programme, further training opportunities in Ireland and abroad are provided in Wildlife Monitoring, Nest Protection, Habitat remediation, Rewetting, Wildfire Resilience, Control of Invasive Species, Methods of Instruction, Mountain Safety, Small Boat Handling, Project Officers will have the opportunity to specialise in one or more of these fields.

The Co-operation Programme will employ advanced Remote Sensing (including drone and satellite imagery) along with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to maximise the efficiency of the service to farmers. Project Officers will get the opportunity to gain experience in these areas.

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities to progress to Team Leader or Deputy Project Manager level may be available for suitable candidates after a period of service as a Project Officer.

THE CANDIDATE: The ideal Project Officer Candidate is conscientiousness, energetic and motivated. They should enjoy working with farmers and with local communities. They should be team players, eager to learn and want to make a real difference for Irelands environment.


  • The minimum qualification for the role is a Level 8 degree in Agriculture, Botany, Ecology, Environmental Science, Hydrology, Zoology or similar;
  • FAS Approval as a Farm Advisor, approval as a Pesticide Advisor or membership of Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) or experience/ qualifications in Bat/Bird Monitoring, hydrology or Environmental Impact Assessment would be advantageous;
  • Applicants must have a full clean driving licence; and,
  • Eligible to work in Ireland.


Project Officers start at a base salary of €37,000 per year. Mileage and other allowances are payable as they are incurred. A personal equipment allowance of €700 is paid on appointment along with an annual replenishment allowance of €187. A sustainability allowance of €500 is paid to staff who use a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle for work purposes.

ANNUAL LEAVE: 21 days per year on appointment, increasing to 24 days per year after 3 years’ service.

PENSION PROVISION: Project Officers will have the opportunity to contribute to a pension. After 3 years’ service the employer will match employee contributions up to a maximum of 4% of salary.


APPLYING: Send a CV and a cover letter to fergal.monaghan@henharrierproject.ie