To provide excellent animal care and enhance the visitor experience. To perform any activity required for the life support systems necessary for animal wellbeing and exhibit appearance at the New York Aquarium. Work with elasmobranchs, sea turtles, marine fishes and invertebrates.


  • Adhere to all Wildlife Conservation Society, New York Aquarium and Animal Department standards of conduct, policies, and procedures to ensure the standards of safety, animal wellbeing, animal training, and animal enrichment are being maintained.
  • Maintain safe and sanitary areas of food preparation/storage and animal habitats. Ensure animals receive the appropriate nutrition, the appropriate food bases, and report changes through clear communication with Animal Supervisor
  • Carry out the instructions for the care of sick and neonate animals, including administering treatments, vitamins and medication.
  • Observe the animals and their habitats for any indication of problems with environmental parameters or life support. Inspect exhibits to ascertain whether corrective steps need to be taken to ensure appropriate environmental conditions, including but not limited to, inspecting filtration, water quality, lighting, temperature, and cleanliness
  • Promptly report any indication of illness or significantly unusual behavior being displayed
  • Supervise and participate in the transfer of animals from one enclosure, habitat, zoo, aquarium, etc., to another. Participate, and/or lead in the installation of exhibit materials
  • Work in all areas of the Animal Department and ensure that all animal enclosures are appropriately secured at all times, regardless of the staff member responsible for the area
  • Use operant conditioning via positive reinforcement to condition new behaviors and maintain each animal’s current level of behavior criteria as assigned by Animal Department Management
  • Maintain animal husbandry, training, and enrichment records of all animals and facilitate the same for all team members
  • Adhere to safety practices for self, staff, the living collection and guests. Take responsibility for safety by bringing potentially dangerous situations to the attention of Management
  • Work with the Aquarium’s education department to facilitate educational programs
  • Provide relief and coverage for a Senior Wild Animal Keeper in his/her absence
  • Must function in a team environment, demonstrating consideration, tolerance, cooperation, reliability, the ability to accept feedback, and a consistent professional approach to job. Excellent communication skills a must
  • Clean pools, tanks, exhibits, and all appropriate habitats through SCUBA diving
  • Perform all primary, as well as, supportive roles in shows and exhibit feeds
  • Maintain a proactive approach to behavioral husbandry and anticipate behavioral issues
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of established behavior goals
  • Consistently strengthen animal conditioning skills and techniques, through observation, listening, participation, reading appropriate materials, and providing feedback to colleagues.

Qualification Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications (as judged by Director of Animal Operations)
  • Certification: Minimum scuba certification with practical dive experience, with a preference for experience in the care of aquatic animals in controlled environments
  • Must be comfortable actively interacting with visitors to the Aquarium
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills are a critical requirement along with strong oral and written communication.
  • Must be highly self-motivated and similarly able to take direction
  • Must be able to work Saturdays, Sundays, holidays