Red Earth partners with Traditional Owners in Cape York, Central Australia and Arnhem Land,
and assists them in hosting groups on their land. Groups spend 10 days doing cultural
activities, completing a project on a homeland, visiting sacred sites & spending time having a
yarn with the Traditional Owners of the land. In doing so, they develop a genuine connection
with the Traditional people and the country they live on.

Red Earth specialises in unique experiences that are not available outside of this setting. We
foster one-on-one relationships with the Traditional Owners we work with and are the only
external group to have access to the homelands we visit.

Red Earth also spends time preparing the groups for their travel to remote Indigenous
Australia, and sends leaders and volunteers with the groups to help facilitate the experience.

As a Red Earth volunteer, you will be working alongside a Red Earth leader, in conjunction with
Traditional Owners, to deliver a cultural immersion experience for a group of people from a
major Australian city.

Once in community, you will stay on homelands with Traditional Owners, and spend time
undertaking cultural & spiritual activities, swimming in waterfalls and getting to know the
locals. Your role will be to support the leader and the Traditional Owners as needed, and to
soak up the experience of living in remote Indigenous Australia!

What will you get out of your experience?

You will have the opportunity to get to know Traditional Owners in their own backyard, and
hear from them first-hand about their culture, history, challenges and the importance of living
on their country.

You will get to visit some of Australia’s most remote communities, with all expenses paid
including flights.

Red Earth will provide you with all the training and qualifications required to undertake your
immersion including:

  • Attending a Training and Induction Weekend
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Drive & Recover a 4WD Certificate
  • Relevant Working with Children Checks
  • At the conclusion of your immersion, Red Earth will also provide you with a formal letter of
    reference to acknowledge your time working with us, upon request.