Job Purpose

Leading and responsible for the operation and production of nursery seedlings and plants required to ecological restoration and landscaping projects, Ensure timely acquisition of the nursery materials and deliver seedlings and plants according to production plan.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

Functional Responsibilities

1.       Design and implement production plan to produce native plant species for supporting the demand of landscaping, ecological restoration, afforestation, and vegetation development projects at AlUla.

2.       Lead the operational and maintenance plan of the current plant nursery and ensure the production of high-quality seedlings.

3.       Lead the development of production protocols for native plant species of AlUla.

4.       Identifying and adopt best practices and technologies for seedlings production and nursery operation.

5.       Lead the development of best practices and techinical guidelines for conservation and translocations of threatened native trees.

6.       Ensure the achievement of RCU KPIs regarding number of native plant seedlings produced to cover AlUla demand for seedlings and plants.

7.       Ensure timely acquisition of the nursery materials and deliver seedlings and plants according to production plan.

8.       Provide inputs and collaborate with RCU departments to develop business plan for the native plant nursery.

9.       Lead and overseeing the greenhouse, shading house, and hardening areas to ensure the good implementation and maintenance of the nursery production plan.

10.   Provide inputs and work with other RCU departments and partners to develop large scale permanent plant nursery.

11.   Provide training and technical support to young professional and capacity building in the native plant nursery operation and management.

12.   Develop and submit monthly and annual reports to the administration/department.

13.   Perform any other job related duties as required by the direct Manager.


Job Requirements

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture sciences, Plant ecology, Environmental Science, or equivalent (Masters Preferred).

Work Experience

8 years’ experience in plant nursery production.

Other Requirements

·       Written and Oral proficiency of English language.

·       Excellent communication skills.

·       Experience with the use of software for data recording and database management.

·       Experience in collecting and processing native plants seeds.

·       Demonstrated work experience on high standards and well-equipped plant nursery production.

·       Demonstrated work experience on leading projects for native plant seedlings production.

About Royal Commission for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) was established to protect and safeguard AlUla, a region of outstanding natural and cultural significance in North-West Saudi Arabia. RCU is embarking on a long-term plan to develop and deliver a sensitive, sustainable transformation of the region, reaffirming it as one of country’s most important archaeological and cultural destinations and preparing it to welcome visitors from around the world. RCU’s development work in AlUla encompasses a broad range of initiatives across archaeology, tourism, culture, education and the arts, reflecting the ambitious commitment to cultivate tourism and leisure in Saudi Arabia, outlined in Vision 2030.