Internship running from mid-July to mid October working with Project Biodiversity to protect the nesting loggerhead turtles in Sal, Cape Verde.
You will gain valuable experience in the field conducting:
• Track identification
• Collection of biometric data
• Microchipping and identifying previously tagged females
 • Nest relocations and excavations
In this capacity, intern duties will include night patrols to deter hunters and collect data on track identification, tagging and measuring the turtles. There will also be day patrols to relocate nests to the hatchery or other locations on the beach. Following the end of the nesting season, Interns will be responsible for monitoring and excavating hatched nests and releasing hatchlings. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of the camp and its facilities, assisting in the training of the volunteers, and assisting in the general day to day running of the camp and team.
Following the training period we require Interns to lead patrols & supervise volunteers. This opportunity will give solid work experience that will help to continue your career in conservation, but living under these conditions can be challenging, extremely tiring and stressful. You will work 6 nights/week based in a field camp with accommodation and food provided. Rest nights are spent in a provided apartment in the local town of Santa Maria.
Join our multi-cultural team and learn the skills to get your foot on the ladder of conservation!
Find the application form and more information under the Field Assistant listing at  https://www.projectbiodiversity.org/join-our-team