We are acting on behalf of the team behind one of the world’s most ambitious development projects ever undertaken. A new concept in creating a community for a liveable, innovative and sustainable society. Located in a totally untouched corner of the Middle East the development exists within an area of over 20,000km2 , extending along breathtakingly beautiful coastline backdropped against awe-inspiring mountains, canyons and deserts.

The company’s Environment Department is responsible for ensuring that this ambitious vision is delivered In Harmony with Nature. Through the Environment Department, the business is committed to setting a new benchmark for environmentally conscientious growth and development that inspires a re-imagining of the relationship between people and nature.

A key element of their Unrivalled Commitment to Nature Conservation is the designation and management of a network of protected areas that encompass the majority of the master plan. Most of the area will be managed primarily for the purposes of nature conservation, including habitat restoration, wildlife reintroduction and rewilding. Central to the success of the idea are a network of terrestrial and marine parks and protected areas, their conservation and the nature-based visitor experiences that they will inspire and host.

To help develop, manage and maintain the land-based conservation areas, we are looking for enthusiastic and adventure seeking professionals to apply for the post of Senior Manager, Conservation Parks.

Role Purpose   

Lead the design and delivery of infrastructure/facilities and operational programs for all Nature Conservation Parks within the master plan.

Key Accountabilities & Activities

  • Lead the design and implementation of Conservation Park infrastructure & facilities plan.
  • Support development and lead implementation of Conservation Park Management Plans
  • Develop and manage day-to-day Conservation Park Management programs, including facilities management program, Ranger program and Outreach program.
  • Oversees visitor and resource protection services and interpretive and educational outreach programs.
  • Build and maintain a high-performing park management team, including international experts, Saudi national professionals, technical specialists and local community rangers.

Budget Management

  • Responsibility for budgeting and budget management for operational aspects of the Nature Conservation Parks.

Program Management 

  • Design and implement a comprehensive program to deliver operational requirements of Conservation Parks.
  • Build and maintain a high-performing Day-to-Day Conservation management team.
  • Contribute to the review and continuous improvement of conservation planning and management program to ensure world-class conservation and visitor experience outcomes.
  • Ensure a program of policy and management performance, monitoring and constant improvement that includes strong awareness of emerging trends and technologies that can improve program efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Energetically drive a program of technology integration and innovation for improved efficiency and effectiveness

Policies, Processes and Procedures 

  • Advise and assist the Directors of the Land Conservation Divisions in development, review and implementation of Conservation Strategy and Programs including drafting and maintaining standard operating procedures and policies relating to biodiversity conservation, rewilding and ecosystem management.
  • Support development of Nature Conservation Park management plans, and lead development of site management plans, compliance strategies and resource user engagement programs.
  • Review and integrate current and emerging best practices in management of environment and natural resources to ensure programs align with and exceed best-in-class standards.
  • Understand, track and incorporate technologies relevant to improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of conservation policies and planning processes.

Stakeholder Management

  • Build alliances with internal and external stakeholders and users of Environment to maintain a current understanding of their expectations and strategies to optimally support decision-making, anticipate changes in these requirements and maintain user-feedback processes.
  • Support the Directors of Conservation to establish and maintain relations with relevant government and International entities and the wider communities in order to foster an enabling environment for Division business.
  • Support the Directors of Conservation to collaborate closely with key stakeholder sectors, notably Tourism and Sport, in the design and management of Nature Conservation Parks.
  • Attend related forums, seminars, etc. to enrich network and learn about the latest developments and opportunities.

People Management   

  • Build and maintain a high performing team including international experts, local national professionals and local community members that is positive, internally cohesive and attractive to future employees.
  • Foster a culture of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Help instil a culture of development, guidance and performance within the Conservation program.
  • Take responsibility, in collaboration with Directors of Conservation, for building and maintaining a high-performance team.
  • Set performance objectives, provide necessary support, evaluate / appraise staff and provide regular feedback on performance.
  • Develop and implement a program of capacity development for team members, with a particular focus on meeting the developmental needs of local community members.

Qualifications / Requirements

Skills & Competencies

  • 10+ years of experience in National Parks Management
  • Parks operational program design and implementation with at least 5 years of experience in a senior management position.
  • An up-to-date knowledge of the current thinking on protected area design, biodiversity conservation and visitor management, with particular reference to the establishment and effective management of protected areas, species, and parks management systems at national and site levels
  • Demonstrated budgeting and programme planning abilities and past performance, including experience of development and successful proposals and subsequent delivery and reporting.
  • Extensive, demonstrated experience with implementation and practical delivery of infrastructure and projects relating to natural resource management or conservation.
  • Ability to communicate in an articulated manner to a wide range of audiences both written and verbal.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills in English is a must; knowledge of Arabic will be considered an asset.
  • Ability to work as a team member and to work with multiple cultures.
  • Experience in capacity development and training

Education and Certifications 

  • Degree in natural sciences, leisure studies, natural resource management or other relevant area
  • Certificates and training in Parks Management, Tourism, Project Management, Team leadership, Natural resource management, etc considered an asset.

The Benefits

  • Market beating tax free basic salary.
  • Housing & Transportation allowances
  • Flights
  • VIP Private medical self & family
  • School fees
  • One off relocation allowance
  • 30 days paid leave + public holidays.
  • Comprehensive range of other ‘soft benefits’