A flexible programme of part-time, tutored, online modules that can build towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques.

You can also take courses separately and use the academic credit elsewhere, or simply for professional training in field survey techniques.

Award programme

Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques (September 2019)

A one year course which provides the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to conduct effective ecological field surveys for a range of key taxa and to analyse field survey data with confidence.

Individual Modules

The individual modules or short courses are all tutor-led, part-time and last 5 weeks (unless stated):

This course equips you with the skills, techniques and know-how necessary to undertake surveys of mammal and reptile populations or individuals with confidence

Detailed training in passive and non-passive bird surveying techniques.

A thorough introduction to the key statistical principles and methods used by ecologists and field biologists

In-depth training in fish and amphibian surveying and sampling from initial considerations through to methods and techniques, sampling strategies and reporting

Expert-led training in invertebrate surveying techniques from planning and preparations through to sampling strategies, surveying methods and reporting

This course provides you with essential knowledge and skills to conduct effective vegetation surveys

Who would most benefit from them? 

These courses are ideal for anyone seeking flexible study combined with expert training including:

  • Professional ecological consultants
  • Environmental managers and rangers
  • Researchers and postgraduate students
  • Conservation volunteers or those wishing to change career into ecology or conservation

The online courses are international in their use of case studies and examples.

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