Learn how to design a successful conservation project. If you ever wanted to make a difference on a strategic level here is your chance to gain key skills in designing a conservation strategy.

  • When: 10th-12th December 2018 inclusive
  • Where: Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS
  • Who for: Conservation practitioners, starters and switchers

This workshop provides guidelines on how to develop a conservation strategy made up of a situation analysis, theory of change, and monitoring approach. It begins with a set of key principles, and then describes a set of processes that help a project develop their conservation strategy. The 5 processes are:

  • Engaging stakeholders, to ensure that the right groups are involved in developing the strategy
  • Carrying out a situation analysis, to better understand and document the current situation that the project team is trying to change
  • Defining the impact the project team wants to achieve
  • Planning the work the project team will carry out to achieve the impact
  • Setting the monitoring approach that will provide the project team with the information they need to assess the project’s impact and to adapt to changing conditions and new information.

This approach provides a knowledge base for developing a conservation strategy suitable for any scale, complexity, or time frame of conservation work. For example, a conservation strategy could be developed for an international NGO working to save cetaceans around the world, or for a project team working to protect sea turtle nesting sites on a 500m stretch of beach in Greece.

Participants can expect the following benefits from attending with workshops:

  • Increased individual contribution to wildlife conservation, through an increased ability to support the planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting of a project.
  • Improved career prospect in the wildlife conservation sector, through acquiring standardised, transferable skills in project management.

What certification will you get? 

  • Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation – Foundation level
  • Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation – Intermediate level.


We need more conservationists in the world, so we’ve tried to keep costs as low as possible

How to apply for a conservation job - free eBook
  • Cost: £360
  • 10% off if you book before 9th November 2018
  • Only 30 places available
  • Fee includes certified exams worth £100.

The Venue: Churchill College, Cambridge.

Other than a rich history of academic excellence Churchill College, Cambridge is closely located to a number of areas rich in wildlife, for example, to the south of Cambridgeshire is the Dedham Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and to the north is the popular ‘The Wash’ Nature Reserve.

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