Do you want to be more strategic whilst at the same time getting day to day tasks done?

Course 2: The Strategic Thinking Toolkit

Strategic Thinking is a key skill for both career development and leadership. For your career, it helps you direct your work and relationships in ways that can make the most impact. In leadership roles, it helps you get others focused on a vision and goals which can make a big difference to the team and the organisation.

However, we often hear about the frustration in not having time to think strategically. Often this is due to the pressure of day-to-day work, a lack of process for thinking strategically and a sense that there isn’t enough time to do it.

This course will give you 2 vital strategic thinking tools (The SAVI Strategic Thinking Canvas and the Network Mapping Process), and the space to develop a strategic thinking mindset. You will have the opportunity to use the tools for an idea that’s really important to you.

The Course also comes with a Strategic Thinking Webinar which provides an opportunity to engage with the course Tutors and other participants in a lively 90 minute session. Four Webinar options are offered per year.

Short Course 2: Strategic Thinking Toolkit Curriculum

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Course 2: The Strategic Thinking Toolkit – Getting Started
  • Your Learning and the Teachable LMS
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Introduction to the Course (2:29)
Learning Modules – Strategic Thinking
  • Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Thinking
  • Module 2: The SAVI Strategic Thinking Canvas
  • Module 3: Network Mapping
Enabling Action
  • Welcome to Enabling Action
  • Developing Your Action Plan

Who is the course for?

Are you:

  • At a crossroads in your professional career?
  • Facing difficult challenges that require you to learn new skills?
  • Frustrated by not having enough time for your science?
  • Concerned that your work is not achieving enough impact?
  • Having to influence others over whom you have little authority?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this course can help you unlock creativity, clarity and confidence in order to:

  • Develop yourself and others as leaders
  • Build better partnerships and teams
  • Be more productive

Course Fee

Barefoot Thinking Short Course 2: The Strategic Thinking Toolkit

A Survival Toolkit for Scientists and Engineers

Distance learning short course with webinar.

This Course is accessible for 6 months from the date of purchase.Register for Core Barefoot Tools here

Your Trainers

Hello, we’re your trainers for this Barefoot Thinking Short Course

We both deliver the Barefoot Thinking Company’s Challenge of Science Leadership Training Programme and the Short Course Series.

Peter Redstone MBA – Peter has years of practice as a management consultant, formerly with McKinsey & Co, and has extensive experience of business strategy and problem solving. He is dedicated to the communication and practice of creative thinking skills in the workplace. Peter has been an organic dairy farmer and co-founded the UK’s first organic ice cream company. A keen supporter of Social Enterprise, he has been a trustee of three pioneering South West UK environmental organisations.

Dr Martin Bloxham PhD – Martin has been a UN consultant for 20 years during which time he worked around the globe on environmental and sustainable development projects. Organisations have included the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Other Short Courses in the Series

Are you currently facing work-based challenges that you haven’t been trained for?

To help you we have developed a set of Barefoot toolkits that we’ve been delivering to scientists, academics and science professionals for over a decade. All the tools are practical, simple in concept, easy to learn, easy to use and multifunctional.

About The Barefoot Thinking Company

The Barefoot Thinking Company aims to help unlock creativity, clarity and confidence in people in order to:

Develop present and future leaders
Build better partnerships and teams
Be more productive

The Barefoot Thinking Company has been developing and delivering science leadership training courses since 2009 with academic partners including The Leopold Leadership Program (Stanford University, USA), The VEGA Fellows Leadership and Communication Program (University of Lund, Sweden), The University of Toronto Science Leadership Program, the Institute on the Environment (University of Minnesota), the Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Research (CIFAR) Azrieli Global Scholars Program, the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), and Instituto Serrapilheira amongst others.