We are offering an interesting commission-based role for independent biology, nature, and wildlife teachers to help us organize and guide our biological field expeditions in the universities where you are teaching.

We are also looking for teachers working and teaching in any career/degree/master’s to sell and guide our adventure trips to Costa Rica and Spain in their Universities.

We are Ultimate Wild Trip, a sustainable adventure tour operator located in Zaragoza, Spain. Our agency is focused on naturalistic and regenerative travel, in rural, remote, and wild destinations of Spain and Costa Rica.

We have a second product line which is Conservation and Biological Field Group Trips to Costa Rica for university students in careers such as Biological Sciences, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Forest Sciences, Botany, Marine Biology, Zoology, etc. These journeys usually are the first international field experience for students.

We are looking for independent biology, nature, and wildlife teachers to sell our trips abroad to universities. Mainly in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Nordic European Countries, Australia, and New Zealand. We offer high commission rates on sold trips plus the opportunity to accompany as a second guide all the trips that you sold or the ones you can attend in your holiday schedule.

The right candidates could also work as expedition tour leaders on their own sold trips. But they will have to have a naturalistic tour guide certification, first aid license, and driver’s license. This vacancy is just for freelancers or independent contractors.

We are looking for professionals who can introduce our trips in their universities, help us gather the group of students that will travel with us, collect the payments, and finally accompany the students along with the tour leader.

Teachers with experience in conservation, sustainable field travel, and higher education, to expand our B2B sales network. People with the ability to give us visibility in several countries, and help us to grow and spread our mission to regenerate our planet.

*Terms and conditions:   
-Remuneration for the sales part is 100% commission based, there is not a monthly fixed salary. The commissions are charged at the end of each month, after receiving the payment of the first deposit for the trip, from each group of students.

-Remuneration for the tour guide role, to accompany the students along with the tour leader on the trips, is a daily amount plus all the travel expenses covered.

-Flexible schedule that can be combined with other jobs and studies. Minimum dedication of 2 hours a day. Recommended 4-5 hours/day, to see results.

-You can sell our trips to other universities in your city and let other teachers guide the trips if you don’t have enough time.

*Requirements to apply: 

-Just for the conservation trips: Studies and training in Biological Sciences, Nature-related degrees, or Environmental Careers.

Being a freelance, self-employed, or independent contractor, in the country you live to be able to invoice the commissions of your sales. Or you must be willing to do it before getting your first payment.

-High level of spoken and written English. C1 preferably. Spanish would be a bonus.

-It is not mandatory but it would be a plus: Have 2 years of experience in sales business development or sales representative. A bonus if the experience is in the travel and education sector.

-Have a tablet with a minimum battery life of 6 hours, to show the digital travel catalogs during visits.

-Living in a city with more than 500,000 inhabitants, where there are several big private universities.

-Have a phone with a local data card, to call customers, deans, heads of the universities, teachers, and students.

-Having internet and a laptop at home to send emails, and attend webinars or presentations with clients.

Please apply only if you meet all the requirements mentioned above. Anyone interested can send the resume with your work experience, to this job application


About Ultimate Wild Trip

About us:

Ultimate Wild Trip group is an online adventure tour operator that helps travelers to discover wild and remote destinations through regenerative journeys while powering rural communities less supported by tourism.

Our vision:

Ultimate Wild Trip is committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly trips and naturalistic adventure journeys, which promote the development of rural tourism and the regeneration of ecosystems.

Our vision is to offer unique regenerative experiences with low environmental impact, combined with a great immersion in learning about nature, conservation, research, biodiversity, and local culture.

We want to educate travelers to acquire greater social and environmental awareness, based on respect and personal contribution. There are studies that prove that the connection with local communities, fauna, and flora of the place visited, is associated with an exponential improvement in the customer’s travel experience.