Come to a lush nature and help to conserve its diverse wildlife! This project is perfect for anyone with the desire to work on the Human-Wildlife/Elephant Conflict and find a solution that allows their peaceful coexistence. Get to know the locals and help to preserve the biodiversity by assisting in studies, supporting the dialogue with residents and contribute to the environmental education.


On the small island of Sri Lanka, the general extension of residential areas leads to an increase in overlapping habitats of humans and wildlife. As a result of those overlapping territories harsh conflicts between wildlife and the local population arise. Animals and especially elephants cause major damages in crop and properties and as the residents try to drive them out, many of them suffer injuries that might even be fatal.

To support the work on the conflict, you will assist experienced scientists and staff members in generating data about the local wildlife in direct and indirect field studies. You will gather information about the endangered Asian Elephant, carnivores like leopards, sloth bears, the golden palm civet and many others. Besides the animals themselves you will also research their habits and territories as well as the tropical ecosystem in general. Moreover, you will support the dialogue with the population and together you will develop conservation programmes with the environmental and socio-economic data you generated. The environmental education is an important element of the conservation work. As a volunteer you will be part of a sustainable conservation project and experience the local culture as well as Sri Lanka´s unique nature up close.


Together with other volunteers and staff members you will be accommodated in an open, rustic guesthouse that is situated upon a scenic hill with a stunning view. There are five bedrooms in the house with two to three beds, three western-style bathrooms, a kitchen as well as a dining room and a lounge area. Every day three meals will be prepared and you can help yourself to water and tea throughout the day.


Dates, Services, Cost


Start date is always on Mondays.


  • Placement in the project
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Prior to project start: Transfer from Colombo International Airport to the hotel in Colombo
  • Prior to project start: Transfer from hotel in Colombo to the project site
  • After project: Transfer from project site to Kandy
  • Accommodation during the project
  • Three meals per day
  • Excursions
  • English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • 24/7-support throughout the project


  • 2 weeks: 1300 €
  • 4 weeks: 1900 €
  • 6 weeks: 2250 €
  • 8 weeks: 2700 €
  • 10 weeks: 3100 €
  • 12 weeks: 3500 €

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