This volunteer project provides an opportunity to play an active role in nature conservation on an almost entirely uninhabited island in the Seychelles. As part of an international volunteer team, you will become active in a dedicated conservation project, with a focus on preventing endangered sea turtles from going extinct and restoring the Seychelles’ original flora.


North Island, your project site, is located at the heart of the Seychelles. Snow-white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and bizarre granite formations shape the landscape. Experts call islands “laboratories for evolution”, which explains why there are so many species on the isolated Seychelles. North Island looks back on hard times, though: Until the 1970s, the island was used for intensive coconut plantations and native flora and fauna was under pressure from invasive species.

The purpose of the project is to use renaturation measures to restore the original ecosystem of the island. The work of reintroducing native species is already bearing fruit: Endangered Seychelles white-eye and Seychelles giant tortoise populations have recovered to sustainable levels. Volunteer responsibilities vary depending on what is required to implement the necessary conservation measures. You will work in a team of experienced researchers devoted to protecting this area of natural beauty. Your work will focus on recording sea turtle populations: You will survey the beach on foot at regular intervals to monitor the growth of baby turtles and the population levels of the various endangered species. You will also be responsible for planting new plant species, conducting bird survey and for photographing the entire coral reef.




Together with other volunteers you will live near the employee village at the centre of the island. Each house has two twin bedrooms (mixed-gender), a shared bathroom and a lounge. Three daily meals are provided in the staff canteen. The beach is reserved for project workers and has watersport equipment freely available. Your day off during the week is an opportunity to visit the main island of Mahé. The hour-long ferry trip is free for project workers.


“To my mind, the overall island feeling was incomparable and the isolation from “the outside world”, the wildlife and natural surroundings were just breathtaking.” (Peggy, 27 years)

About us

NATUCATE is a German agency, specialized in voluntary work, field guide training, nature-oriented educational courses and internships with a focus on nature and species conservation as well as animal protection. Moreover, we create and organize individual sabbaticals; commitment for nature conservation and personal development being in the centre. Sustainable and responsible traveling, so-called ecotourism, as well as nature and adventure travel are further areas of expertise.

Our projects, courses and tours, fulfilling high sustainability standards, enable people – from graduates to best agers – to make an active contribution to protecting and conserving endangered species and ecosystems and, at the same time, to broaden their personal horizon.

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2020: 13.01., 27.01., 10.02., 24.02., 09.03., 23.03., 06.04., 20.04., 04.05., 18.05., 01.06., 15.06., 29.06., 13.07., 27.07., 10.08., 24.08., 07.09., 21.09., 05.10., 19.10., 02.11., 16.11., 30.11., 14.12., 28.12.

2021: 11.01., 25.01., 08.02., 22.02., 08.03., 22.03., 05.04., 19.04., 03.05., 17.05., 31.05., 14.06., 28.06., 12.07., 26.07., 09.08., 23.08., 06.09., 20.09., 04.10., 18.10., 01.11., 15.11., 29.11., 13.12., 27.12.


  • Placement in the project
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Accommodation during the project
  • All meals during the project
  • On-site orientation and project training
  • English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • 24/7-support throughout the project


  • 4 weeks: 2.500 EUR


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