Science meets Adventure!

Volunteers needed on a Palaeontology Excavation Camp in Poland (Silesia) in July-August 2021. You have an opportunity to work in one of the biggest mass graveyards of mesosoic vertebrates in Europe and see some of the rarest fossils on the Earth!

What will I do? You will work in a team of scientists and researchers from all over the world willing to share their specialist knowledge! You will perform full array of tasks, starting from external soil removal, through fossil search, exposition and extraction, to processing with fine tools and machinery in the lab.

Where will I stay? In a truly welcoming place, surrounded by three landscape parks! We will stay in a comfortable bungalow near the dig site. We can visit nearby Jura Park with prehistoric oceanarium and museums, where we can study or chill out during our free time.

Who are you looking for? It’s an exciting international experience for Earth Sciences Enthusiasts, Students and Nature Lovers, but we welcome persons from all walks of life. You don’t have to be experienced in the subject. The tasks will be tailored to your individual needs and high-quality field training is provided.

What’s in it for me? We offer HANDS-ON intensive exchange of specialist knowledge and HANDS-ON experience in field research abroad accompanied by our high-quality training in fossil identification, handling, data entry and measurements. All of this confirmed by our unique Certificate of Participation to boost your CV.

We offer deep contact with Living Science 24/7! You will meet inspiring, like-minded people, broaden your contacts and gain unforgettable memories!

To apply: send an email to Joanna at info@wildareas.net and introduce yourself in few words, explaining why you are interested in the Project and why we should choose YOU as a Participant. You will receive a detailed Infosheet and the Application Form.

If you are a Candidate from the UK or from outside the EU, currently we can accept only Participants who will be fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 during your stay with us.

We invite you to check our project webpage here: https://www.wildareas.net/palaeontology-dig-camps

… and like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildareas


Thank you for your Passion and Interest and hopefully – see you at the dig site!

About Wild Areas Network

Wild Areas Network connects Passionate Naturalists and Explorers from all over the World to volunteer in the wildest places of Poland as Field Researchers.