Wildlife ACT, an award-winning African Wildlife Conservation organisation in South Africa, have launched the first of many online conservation courses through the Wildlife ACT Training Academy on Teachable Inc.

The current course is an introduction to Endangered & Priority Species Conservation & Habitat Management, which introduces important aspects of Wildlife Monitoring, Camera Trapping, Tracking and Spoor, Conservation Management, Capture and Relocation, Wildlife Crime & Illegal Trade and Community Conservation.

Wildlife ACT funds much of their conservation work through ecotourism, which allows critical endangered and priority species monitoring work to take place across 5 protected areas in Zululand, South Africa. Due to the current national lockdown and travel bans, they have lost this funding, but are finding new ways to keep Wildlife ACTive and their conservation work going.

This virtual version of their regular in-field conservation training course, still provides a stepping stone for nature lovers looking to possibly pursue a career in wildlife conservation.

The course is Wildlife ACT accredited and Certificates of Completion are issued.

Cost: $75 per student, which we put towards our Keep Wildlife ACTive Covid Relief Campaign.