Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. (WEST), a dynamic medium size consulting firm with offices across the United States, is looking for one full-time temporary wildlife survey technician in Iowa to conduct acoustic bat surveys to help investigate the impact of wind turbines on bats at operational wind facilities throughout Iowa. Since 1990, WEST has grown to be one of the premier environmental and statistical consulting firms in the United States. WEST has a permanent core of professionals with broad experience in basic and applied ecological studies and the sophisticated analysis of natural resource data.

Job Description:

The primary responsibilities of this position are to:

  • Assist in the deployment of acoustic bat detectors at a wind energy facility
  • Verify that various equipment is functioning and collecting data, troubleshoot any issues with deployment set up, etc. Precise, thorough, and timely data collection is essential.
  • Download acoustic data off SD memory cards, back up data, organize, and ship in a timely manner to a bat biologist
  • Regularly work with bat detectors (and associated set up equipment), global positioning system devices, maps, and compass, as well as the ability to maintain equipment
  • Effectively communicate equipment and data status updates to supervisor
  • Strictly follow all safety protocols for WEST and use good judgment to stay safe and work efficiently

This is a general description of the functions for this position and is not inclusive of all the duties which may be associated with this position.


  • Must be able to work independently and communicate effectively and regularly with project managers, biologists, technicians, clients and landowners
  • Must conduct work safely, following all safety procedures of employer and client, and report all safety incidents to supervisor immediately
  • Must have excellent time management skills and work ethic
  • Must be able to organize large sets of data
  • Must be able to follow written protocols and verbal instruction, and maintain equipment as instructed
  • Must be able to appear for work on time and safely drive on dirt or gravel roads in adverse conditions
  • Follow instructions from supervisors and interact professionally and respectfully with coworkers and clients; maintain a positive attitude; and accept guidance and constructive criticism
  • Skilled use of GPS units, topographic maps, compass, and other field equipment is helpful.
  • Preference will be given to those who are proficient with technology (i.e. computers, memory cards, data management) or have prior acoustic experience

Physical Requirements:

  • Applicants must be in good physical shape, as surveys will be conducted in locations where temperatures and conditions can be extreme.
  • Applicant must be able to carry small to moderate loads, and move equipment up to 65 lbs. on occasion.