The World Cetacean Alliance has a number of upcoming events for people in the UK. Details below and here.

The World Cetacean Alliance is the world’s largest Partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). Together we represent nearly 100 Partners in many countries worldwide and we are expanding rapidly. Through cooperation, the Partners of the World Cetacean Alliance aim to conserve and protect cetaceans and their habitats in the world’s oceans, seas and rivers, to ensure their continued health and survival. The WCA is committed to preventing all cetaceans from being held in captivity except for rehabilitation and release purposes. We are also developing and implementing new concepts for responsible whale and dolphin watching with the potential to inspire and educate millions of people. Finally, we aim to expand the global community of people who care for cetaceans, have a desire to learn about them, and respect them.

We work to raise awareness of the threats facing our oceans, and the conservation efforts which are employed to help mitigate against any further damage. Through our Partners, we work internationally, but are also working to strengthen our local network here in Brighton.