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Saving the Planet One Plant at a Time

By Bill Boteler | August 6, 2020

They may not have cuddly fur or feathers, but plants are crucial to the planet and its ecosystems and to us. Carlos Magdalena is the Tropical Senior Botanical Horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the largest botanical collection in the world. He has rescued several rare plants from extinction including Café Marron, brought back from

Sail to the Ecotourism Job of Your Dreams

By Tash Allen | August 5, 2020

Ecotourism is all about creating and promoting sustainable travel opportunities around the world. It’s about showing off the natural world and its amazing inhabitants. With the aim of fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation! It helps to deliver real benefits for local communities and conservation. This is arguably one of the most important


Join us! We’re Celebrating Diversity in Conservation

By Conservation Careers | August 5, 2020

At Conservation Careers, we believe in conserving biodiversity through diversity. We urgently need more perspectives, voices, ideas and expertise to create a world in which wildlife thrives. Celebrating Diversity in Conservation is a new initiative to share careers advice from professional conservationists from every corner of the planet. Our ultimate goal is to showcase conservationists from

Hurry! Join the Conservation Careers Instagram Launch

By Conservation Careers | August 3, 2020

The time has come! We’re getting more social and joining all the fun and games on Instagram. We’ve heard it’s where the party’s at. We’re here to help conservationists achieve career success and a world where wildlife thrives! Does that sound like something you’re into? Join the tribe! What we’ll be sharing Stop scrolling! We’ll

Become a “Marine Champion” with the North Wales Wildlife Trust

By Charlotte Taylor | July 29, 2020

Eve Grayson, a wildlife conservationist for the North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT), shares her experiences working with the trust and offers advice for those looking for a career in conservation. Eve and the rest of the team based in Anglesey and Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, hope that all readers will find the motivation and drive to

Podcast: Dr Kerry Kriger | SAVE THE FROGS!

By Conservation Careers | July 27, 2020

Today we’re talking to Dr. Kerry Kriger, the Founder and Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS! Kerry is a powerhouse in the amphibian world, having set up an organisation to help save threatened frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians across the world. And he’s got his work cut out. Of the seven and a half

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