Why are you charging for access to your website?

Conservation Careers has been built on the good will of a global group of dedicated and passionate volunteers, and a wider community of conservationists who believe in what we’re doing. Collectively we have spent over 1,500 hours – and £4,109 – developing the site, speaking to conservationists, and collating the best careers advice around. In order to produce a sustainable, high-quality service we now need to invest in staff time and web development.

Why don’t you fund the site through paid job vacancies?

Because it’s best for our members who want one site full of suitable job vacancies, which can be easily searched through to find the right role. We achieve this by not limiting our site to just paid vacancies – we find and share all the best jobs with our members.

Our membership model allows us to share hundreds of conservation jobs each month. However, listing the majority of our vacancies for free doesn’t come close to covering the costs of running the website. We offer paid memberships in order to help sustain and develop our website.

Why not fund the site through adverts?

We trialled two different types of digital adverts on the website and they generated about £20 per month. This isn’t enough to run the site.

What do I get for paid memberships?

We have three paid memberships:

  • Turtle Membership – all job vacancies.
  • Owl Membership – all job vacancies and CV upload.
  • Lion Membership – all job vacancies, CV upload, and a Members’ Forum.

How much do memberships cost?

  • Turtle Membership – £3 per month.
  • Owl Membership – £4 per month.
  • Lion Membership – £5 per month.

We’ve picked these costs to be suitable for all budgets, and to exclude as few as people as possible from benefiting from our website.

If you feel you can’t afford membership, but would really benefit from it, please email us and we’ll do our best to help you.

What will I be able to get for free?

You can access all our careers advice and featured job vacancies for free, without any logins required.

How is the membership revenue used?

All revenue from memberships is reinvested in staff time and website development work – continually making Conservation Careers the best it can be for you.

Who do I contact if I want to find out more?

If you’ve got something to ask, or just want to say hello, please email us at mail@conservation-careers.com.