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Adventurer at heart: exploring the marine world with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic’s Alyssa Adler

By Kristi Foster | December 31, 2015

If you think dream jobs don’t exist, read no further. There are limitless reasons to set aside our true passions: the job market is too poor, competition is too fierce (surely no one can acquire that many degrees and that much experience by age 25?) and social pressure cautions us against idealistic pursuits. Safe decisions

Conservation Photojournalism and It’s Important for the Future of Conservation

By Emma Ackerley | December 31, 2015

I recently met Neil Aldridge under unforeseen circumstances, but the passion, the drive and the commitment that pours out of Neil when he talks about conservation issues is inspirational. Neil spent much of his early career volunteering and working with conservation organisations such as The Wildlife Trust, The Galapagos Conservation Trust and Natural England. However

Putting communities at the heart of conservation

By Jim Pettiward | December 31, 2015

With responsibility for conservation programmes and partnerships in Madagascar, Mozambique, the Comoros, Belize and Timor-Leste, Frances Humber, Conservation Programmes Manager, Blue Ventures is the London-based ‘fixer’ who makes sure that projects are on track, looking after the critical behind-the-scenes work of providing technical support to staff in the field and managing relationships with funders. Having completed

Kike Calvo: Using wildlife photojournalism to educate and inspire

By Kaitlin Flood | December 31, 2015

Spanish native Kike Calvo, National Geographic Expeditions photography expert, award-winning photographer and journalist, is now based in New York and represented by National Geographic Creative. Having travelled to over 95 countries to compile a portfolio of environmental and cultural documentary photos, in addition to pioneering the use of small manned aerial systems in photography, it

Delivering science to manage coral reefs: an interview with Professor Peter Mumby

By Kristi Foster | December 31, 2015

“When I was studying marine biology people told me, ‘You shouldn’t do that; there are no jobs,’” says Professor Peter Mumby. “And that’s absolute nonsense. When you reflect on all of the things that still need to be done to protect ecosystems, there are jobs for everybody for a long time to come.” Fortunately, Mumby

International Nature Volunteers – Volunteering that Won’t Cost the Earth

By Olivia Congdon | December 31, 2015

Olivia Congdon speaks with Toby Malcolm about the International Nature Volunteers. The eternal struggle that accompanies being a conservation volunteer is the financial burden. How frustrating is it when you find that amazing international volunteer project, but then realise that the project fee, on top of travel costs and life expenses, just won’t be feasible? As

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