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Hi all, 
like many I went back to university as a mature student with the view to changing careers. I secured an internship with a well known charity after graduation, I have years of volunteering experience and professional experience however I’m struggling to find any work. The biggest problem I’m encountering is my age, all of the support schemes, grants, internships etc. available are for ‘young’ people (their words), there is no interest from any of the charities or NGOs I have contacted to hire someone over the age of 30. I have looked into support mentoring schemes and they cannot help- but equally couldn’t explain why my age was the deciding factor. This makes it incredibly difficult to even get an unpaid foot in the door. Like most I’m happy to work unpaid short term or on minimum wage but there seems to be very little opportunity. 
Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice? Do you think more could be done to utilise the skills that career switchers already posses