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Hi there im looking to change my career and relocate to Spain.I However wantI to do something with meaning I would love to get a career in conservation either with animals, nature, marine biology and humanitarian aid. To do this I presume I would need to go back to university I’ve looked at the different qualifications but it is overwhelming with which would be the right one that would benefit me in all the fields above. Please could someone give me advise on what would be best? Would be very much appreciated.

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Conservation Careers Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your question!
The key to answering questions of if you need to go back to University or not is to identify your target entry-level conservation job, and review the requirements. Employers clearly state what they are looking for and they are very role specific, so take a look at 4-6 job descriptions for your chosen area and match yourself against their requirements. If you don’t have clear evidence for what they’re looking for, then you need to identify ways to gain the skills/experience/knowledge needed. This might mean going back to University, taking a course, volunteering etc.
If you’re looking for jobs in Spain we’d suggest you take a look at our friend Nando’s site – He lists jobs and shares his experience in that country.
If you need help identifying your target job, check out our guide here –
If you need help to work through a career planning process, check out our online kick-starter course here –
We hope this helps!
Nick – CC