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Conservation Careers Staff asked 4 years ago

Hello there,

I’m a dual British/Brazilian citizen with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in the UK, in Natural Sciences and Biological Sciences respectively. My ambition for a long time has been to get my PhD at an American university, but I have been applying for several years now to several different universities and have been unsuccessful. Recently I have thought of the possibility of trying to obtain a job in the US first and I am wondering if you think this might help and if it would even be a possibility for a non-US citizen. Do you have any recommendations for someone like me with respect to finding a job and/or being accepted as a PhD candidate?

My main area of interest is animal behaviour, ecology and evolution, particularly in birds. I have experience in research from my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s, and experience in teaching as for the past few years I have been teaching English in Brazil.

I appreciate any advice you are able to give and offer my sincerest thanks!