Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Student Pilot Programme

We're bridging the gap between university and careers in conservation!

Are you a student who needs help kick-starting your career in conservation? Or a course or program leader who wants to give your students a jump-start navigating the conservation sector, fast-tracking their job search and finding fulfilling, impactful careers?

Entering the conservation sector can be competitive, and sometimes even the most talented graduates struggle to find their way. But we believe that all conservationists should be able to find their dream job quickly and enjoy meaningful, impactful careers.

Our Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Student Pilot Programme gives students free access to our online course, the Conservation Career Kick-Starter, through their universities. It’s designed for students undertaking Degree, Bachelor or Master’s Degrees related to conservation and ecology.

Students receive full access to our online Conservation Career Kick-Starter course, a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready and get hired in the conservation sector. Participants get a clear idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for them, what experience and education they’ll need, and how to apply, get interviews and get hired – all in just 15 hours.

About Conservation Careers

We are the #1 careers advice centre for conservationists – helping 630,000 conservationists in 178 countries across the globe.

We believe that all wildlife is beautiful and that it deserves great conservationists working to protect it. We have extensive international knowledge, experience and a network of contacts within the conservation career sector. This means that we can help job seekers and conservation organisations to form lasting relationships. We do this by providing careers advice and information to a network of dedicated conservationists across the globe.

What is the Conservation Career Kick-Starter?

The Conservation Career Kick-Starter is a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. No confusion. No ambiguity. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process.

You’ll get a much clearer idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for you, what experience and education you need, and how to apply for them, get interviews and get hired.

After going through the course, you’ll have created a personal career plan which will finally give you confidence in your job hunt and will make everything quicker, simpler and more fun!

Taught at over 40 Universities, including...

“You will not regret enrolling in this course! This is an absolutely unmissable opportunity in my book if you have any career aspirations whatsoever: academic, conservation, consultancy, general graduate market. The process of self-reflection as part of the course will deeply empower you going forward, no matter what path – it will be a fruitful one Professor Brendan Godley, Chair in Conservation Science, Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC), University of Exeter.

The Conservation Career Kick-Starter includes:

  • Support from us. You’ll have support from us (see profiles below) via email, Zoom, and in our private Facebook group. We’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • Instant access to 3 Step-by-Step Modules and 17 Units (to attack at your own pace]. Exactly what to do. NO fluff. You’ll be guided by me through the entire process of how to get a conservation job.
  • Access to a growing online community of course-mates from across the globe to share ideas, ask questions and support one another.
  • A workbook including a series of practical tasks designed to build the essential skills needed to focus and speed up your job hunt. It also captures all your learnings and next steps – forming a personalized career plan.
  • A year’s membership to the Conservation Careers Academy (worth $30 / £40 / €34). This gives you access to around 8,000 opportunities (jobs, volunteering, Internships, courses and more), our CV talent pool, online forum, TWO eBooks and much more…!
  • Certificate. Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate.

Student Pilot Programme

In 2020 we piloted running the Conservation Career Kick-Starter at over 40 universities worldwide. Through this pilot we learnt how best to support the employability needs of students, course/programme leaders and career departments.

We are now offering the course for students undertaking Degree, Bachelor or Master’s Degrees related to conservation and ecology. 

How does it work?

Students enrolled in the pilot programme will take part in a live online welcome event with Conservation Careers. These welcome events are offered three times per year, in January, April/May and September.

After the welcome event, we’ll provide students with full access to the online course, workbook, Academy and associated materials. We will provide support by email and through an online community forum, and establish completion of the course via the submission of a completed workbook. Each student completing the course will receive a certificate.

The total commitment from students is around 15 hours. We will work with course and programme leaders to identify suitable start and end dates for their students to participate in the programme.

How much does it cost?

This is a pilot programme, and as such an institution can enrol up to 30 students in the programme at no cost.

How do I take part?

To register your interest in the programme you must first be a course/programme leader or represent a careers department. Students cannot apply directly themselves.

To sign up before applications close, please register your interest below and we’ll be back in touch soon.

If you’re a student, please pass on these details to your course/programme leader and encourage them to apply on your behalf.