supercharge your career

supercharge your career

with training from Conservation Careers

Getting started can be hard. Don't go it alone.

Do you want to spend your career helping wildlife to flourish, but are feeling a little lost, confused or disillusioned? If you’re a student, job-seeker or career-switcher, getting started as a professional conservationist can be hard. And if you’re a professional conservationist, you might feel uncertain about how to create the most fulfillment and purpose.

At Conservation Careers, our training programmes have helped thousands of aspiring and professional wildlife conservationists to enjoy happy and impactful careers. Invest in your career to get it on track more quickly with industry leading training, support and opportunities.

Conservation Careers Training

Conservation Career Kick-Starter

The Conservation Career Kick-Starter is a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired as a conservationist.

After going through the course, you’ll have created a personal career plan which will give you confidence in your job hunt and will make everything quicker, simpler and more fun!

  • For | Starters Switchers

Communications for Conservation Projects

Develop the skills which employers are looking for in 41% of conservation jobs.

After completing the training you’ll confidently be able to plan and deliver effective communications activities, during your career as a wildlife conservationist. Making you more employable, competitive and better at your job.

  • For | Starters, Switchers & Professionals

How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

We know what employers are looking for, and have developed a system for making high-quality CVs, resumes, cover letters and application forms.

Learn how to easily create high-quality job applications that significantly increase your chances of landing interviews.

  • For | Starters, Switchers & Professionals

Conservation Career Accelerator

This is a course for people who have at least three years of experience in the wildlife conservation sector and wish to unlock more purpose, impact and happiness in your career.

The structure of the course has been informed by six years of teaching career planning to over 150 amazing students at the University of Cambridge, Masters in Conservation Leadership.

  • For | Professionals

How to Get a Conservation Job

A free 3-part video series about how to quickly, and easily start your career as a professional wildlife conservationist.

If you’re a student, job-seeker or career-switcher you’ll learn the golden rule for getting started, the key mistakes to avoid, and answer your biggest questions.

  • For | Starters Switchers