Top Conservation Careers Advice for Job Seekers

At Conservation Careers we have LOTS of resources to help job seekers like you get hired quicker. We know money can be super tight, and you might be finding the job hunt tough. You’re not alone – we’re here to help. In this review, we’ve hand-picked our top resources for job seekers. To help you to get clear about what you can be doing right now to be super competitive, to stay motivated and to get hired quicker.

PS If you’re looking for jobs, Conservation Careers is the world’s biggest conservation job board, featuring over 12,000 conservation jobs per year from across the globe. If you’d like full access and more, check out our Conservation Careers Academy

Top Ultimate Guides for job seekers

Our Ultimate Guides give you in-depth answers to your top questions about working in conservation. From the 15 key conservation job types, to the top paid and free internships, to how to apply for jobs, you’ll find it here.

As a job seeker, here are our top guides to download…

Ultimate Guide | How to apply for a conservation job? Whether you’re applying for your first professional experience or switching careers into conservation, this step-by-step guide will help you write a killer application designed to get you an interview. Download.

Ultimate Guide | Top Conservation Internships PAID or FREE Opportunities. Conservation internships can be a great way to gain valuable experience, but we know that money can be tight. Here we review some of the top paid and no-fee conservation internships. Download.

Ultimate Guide | Careers Advice for Conservationists. If you’re seeking to work in conservation, this guide is jam-packed with honest, accurate and useful advice, plus top career tips from over 300 professional conservationists worldwide. Download.

Behind the scenes | Applying for a conservation job at Conservation Careers. How do we select our top candidates, and why? What makes them stand out? And why are other applications unsuccessful? We’re sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our recruitment process, to help applicants understand what conservation employers are looking for – and how to increase their chances of landing a conservation job or key stepping stone opportunity. Read.

Explore our growing selection of Ultimate Guides here.

Top Podcast Episodes for job seekers

Every two weeks we uncover what it’s like to work as a conservationist, and how you can become one too. You can listen and subscribe to the Conservation Careers Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher, or search for ‘conservation careers’ and you’ll find us!

As a job seeker, here are our recommended episodes to listen to…

Podcast | Applying for Conservation Jobs. In this episode we’re delving deeper into the world of applying for jobs in the conservation sector. The conservation career super-team talk about their own experiences of applying for jobs, and share their opinions and advice on how to make your applications more successful and less painful to produce. Listen. 

Podcast | Applying for a Conservation Job – CVs and Resumes. We walk you through some steps to pulling together a successful CV or resume. If you’re applying for a conservation job, or if you’re struggling to get an interview, you’re gonna like this one. Listen. 

Get all episodes of the Conservation Careers Podcast here.

Top Webinars for job seekers

We hold regular conservation webinars and live training events at Conservation Careers. These cover all aspects of career planning within the conservation sector from job hunting and volunteering, to confidence and much more. 

As a job seeker, here are our hand-picked webinars to watch…

Webinar | Conservation job applications: Employer insights. Are you applying for conservation jobs unsuccessfully? Do you struggle to receive feedback on your applications? Would you like to increase your chances of success by learning from employers? Guest speakers from Conservation International and the RSPB provide first-hand insights into how these top conservation employers recruit for conservation jobs and how YOU can stand out from the crowd. Watch. 

Webinar | Land more jobs you love. Do you struggle to sell yourself? Would you like to learn how to convince employers to hire you or show your current employer you can do more? Are you ready to overcome your progress killers? Discover some practical steps to land more jobs you love. Watch. 

Webinar | Avoid These Mistakes in your Conservation Job Hunt. Are you doing everything you possibly can to land a conservation job, but not having any success? That’s why we dedicated a webinar to myth-busting nine of the most common mistakes and misconceptions made when pursuing a conservation career, to help you job hunt successfully and get on with helping the planet and its wildlife. Watch.

Webinar | Confidence and Imposter Syndrome. Does fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams? Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong, or weren’t worthy? Are you overly negative or critical of yourself, and worry about what others think? Discover how managing your mind can transform your performance and career. Watch.

Webinar | Postgraduate Training for Conservation Careers. Are you looking for the best postgraduate training to further your conservation career? Do you think you might need to do a Masters, Postgraduate Certificate or similar? During this live event, we spoke to leading Course Directors from Cambridge and Oxford Universities to answer your questions. Watch.

Webinar | Conservation Internships & Volunteering that Won’t Break the Bank. Is money holding you back from conservation internships or volunteering? Does conservation seem like a field for the elite? What if you could get the experience you need to break into conservation without breaking the bank? In this webinar we bust the myth that conservationists should spend years in expensive internships and volunteering. We then provide clear steps to help get your career off the ground, regardless of your financial situation. Watch.

See the latest webinars planned and watch the recordings of all past events here.

Top Training for job seekers

Do you want to work in conservation but you’re feeling lost, disillusioned or confused?!? Check out our free and fee-based training courses and programmes below, all designed to help you understand the job market, navigate your career options, and get hired more quickly.

Free Training | How to get a Conservation Job? Learn how to quickly and easily start your career as a professional wildlife conservationist with Conservation Careers. As a job seeker you’ll learn the golden rule for getting started, the key mistakes to avoid, and answer your biggest questions. Enrol.

Training | How to Apply for Any Conservation Job? Stop feeling alone or hopeless in your job search. Join a global community of conservationists using our step-by-step system to help land your dream conservation job! Enrol. 

Training | Conservation Careers Kick-Starter. Our proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. After going through the self-paced course, you’ll have created a personal career plan which will finally give you confidence in your job hunt and will make everything quicker, simpler and more fun! Enrol.

Training | Communications For Conservation Projects. Conservation employers are looking for people with communications skills, with 41% of all jobs explicitly wanting people with communications skills or experience. The goal of this course is to help you confidently be able to plan and deliver effective communications activities; making you more employable, competitive and better at your job. Enrol.