Course | How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

Do you have the right skills and experience but you're struggling to land an interview? Are you unsure how to showcase your skills as a student, graduate or career switcher? Do you feel hopeless or alone in your job search?


We know that conservation can be a very competitive sector and that knowing how to produce a stand-out application is key whether you're entering the sector or going after your ideal role. Sadly, most conservationists never receive this essential training.


That's why we're launching a 'How to Apply for Any Conservation Job' soon, to walk you through the process of creating a stand-out job application at any stage of your conservation career.


Stop feeling alone or hopeless in your job search. Join a global community of conservationists using our step-by-step system to help land your dream conservation job!


Your Course Leaders

Dr Nick Askew


Nick is the Founder and Director of Conservation Careers and holds a PhD in the behavioural ecology of Barn Owls.


As a professional conservationist over the past 20 years he has worked across the Academic, Private, Public, Charity and Enterprise sectors.


During his career, he has raised over £2,500,000 for conservation projects across 120 countries to help threatened species and habitats. Recently, he has helped thousands of people into their dream conservation job.


Since establishing Conservation Careers he has helped hundreds of people from across the globe to secure their dream jobs.


He’ll be your lead course guide and can’t wait to help you get your conservation career on track!


Kristi Foster


Kristi is the Head of Engagement at Conservation Careers and has a Master's in Conservation Biology.


She’s really passionate about helping conservationists find and fulfil their potential in the sector. As our in-house applications and interviews expert, Kristi has helped job-seekers from across the globe to produce successful applications.


Her conservation career has led over the past 7 years to Africa, UK, Australia and Latin America in everything from field work and environmental education to project management and communications.


She has worked for Ecotourism Australia, Fauna & Flora International (UK) and the World Agroforestry Centre (Kenya) and is looking forward to helping you land your dream job!


What you'll learn

Through 'How to Apply for Any Conservation Job' you'll:

  • Produce a stand-out application designed to get you an interview, from scratch.
  • Stop the cycle of  application burnout and focus on starting your conservation career.
  • Identify strengths you underestimated and learn how to showcase them confidently.
  • Master a system for success that you can apply to ANY job application in your career.
  • Make Conservation Careers  your digital coach for successful applications.
  • Get support, feedback and inspiration from a global community of conservationists.



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We'll open the doors to this brand new course in September 2021.


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