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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you understand the conservation job landscape, where you might fit in – especially with all your lovely transferrable skills – and to help you form a plan of action to make your dream career a reality.
I’d start by reading our guides aimed at Career Switchers such as yourself, especially the following two guides:
  • How to switch careers into conservation | Top ten questions answered. In this detailed guide we answer the top ten questions we get asked at Conservation Careers by career switchers. We also share the advice from some of the key figures in the industry, and provide links at the end of the piece to our free resources and ways to get support in your career journey. If you want to switch careers into conservation, you’re in the right place!
  • Switching careers into conservation | A snapshot of jobs. Many career switchers worry that it’s too late to change careers. They worry that they’ll have to retrain only to compete with recent graduates, or that their skills won’t be recognised. At the core of all these concerns is one question: Are there actually opportunities for career switchers in conservation? Is it worth it? The truth is there are more conservation jobs available for career switchers than you’ve probably imagined, and career switcher skills are often in demand. If you feel alone, overwhelmed or anxious about making a career switch, we hope this Ultimate Guide will show you that your skills and passion are needed.
On our site we also categorise jobs for career switchers now directly, to make it easier for you to see what employers are recruiting for without any background in conservation often. See here.
Finally, I’d strongly recommend you check out our online training course the Conservation Career Kick-starter. It’s designed to help career switchers like yourself to understand the conservation job landscape, where you might fit in (especially with all your lovely transferrable skills) and to help you form a plan of action to make your dream career a reality. You get support from us via email and monthly Zoom calls also and is a great way to get clear, get ready and get hired more quickly. See here.

We encourage people to engage in the course as early as possible. Through it you will learn which role is right for you, and what additional training/skills/experiences you might need in order to become fully employable.

The earlier you start the more time you’ll have.

All memberships of the Conservation Careers Academy come with a 7 day free trail. If you choose to become a paying member, you’ll also get a 7 day money-back guarantee. If you’re 100% not happy, we’ll give you a refund.

After this period, refunds are not eligible and it’s your responsibility to manage your membership. 

We recommend exploring this list of the Top Conservation Scholarships, which include opportunities for training, experiences and projects.
We list all jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities on our Job Board and Experiences Board. These include occasional opportunities with Conservation Careers.
If you’d like an overview of the process for how to get a conservation job, you can also check out our free, three-part video series How to Get a Conservation Job.
If you’ve found a job and are ready to apply, download our free ebook Conservation Jobs | The Step-by-Step System to get Hired as a Wildlife Conservationist. This guide walks you step-by-step through how to submit a successful application.
We can help in lots of ways!
The single best place to start is with our free 3-part guide ‘How to get a Conservation Job’.
You can also explore all of the free resources available on our website, which include featured Jobs and Experiences, plus a ton of free Careers Advice like Ultimate Guides, monthly Webinars, Interviews with professional conservationists, Podcast episodes, Training opportunities, Free downloadable guides and more.
If you’d like access to additional resources, including our Job Board, Experiences Board (internships, volunteering, expeditions, etc.) and more, you can check out our Conservation Careers Academy memberships.