So you’ve got the experience, skills and qualifications and found your dream job. Congratulations! You’re obviously doing lots of things right, and now it’s time to ensure you shine, get hired and start your work to save this precious planet of ours.

We all know conservation is a very competitive field. Employers regularly get tens – sometimes hundreds – of applications to sift through, meaning it’s important you do all you can to stand out from the crowd and sell yourself. If you’re not used to writing CVs, cover letters, applications forms or doing interviews, these most important of steps might just trip you up.

Don’t worry, because Conservation Careers can help you with each step of the application process. We know what employers want and can work with you to improve your chances. We also don’t cost the earth.

“When I saw my dream job come up I knew I couldn’t miss my chance! I decided to get the help and advice from Conservation Careers and, guess what, it paid off: I got the jobThey really took the time to review my application in detail and provided me with invaluable feedback. Not only the common advice you get to hear everywhere, but a very personal, challenging but encouraging, positive analysis and comments. They made me see the application process differently, as an opportunity more than an obstacle to overcome. The “dummy” interview was, in my opinion, hard and thought-provoking, with questions I never thought could be asked, but which is exactly what you need to prepare yourself. Finally, what really made a difference was the overall confidence it gave me about the value of my competencies and experiences, and the fact I felt able and willing to share my enthusiasm about them! I would recommend anyone who seeks to evolve or define themselves professionally to use their advice, whether in the context of an application or not!” Lise Goudeseune, Brussels.

Having a practice interview with Conservation Careers really boosted my confidence. I was eased into the interview with some friendly chat, and then asked some challenging and very relevant questions. At the end I was given personalised feedback which was very helpful. The process of talking more about the role and my experience made me feel more confident at the real interview. There’s no substitute for real practice when it comes to vocalising answers to difficult questions. Putting the effort into developing good interview technique is well worth it, so that when that golden opportunity comes along, you can give it your absolute best. I’m very happy to say that I got the job!Chloe Hardman – England.

This was such a great experience! I’ve received high quality advice and support! During my application process I felt as if I have my own team supporting me. Following received guidance I have learned much more than I would on my own. Total recommendation.” Karolina Kass, Edinburgh.

CV, Cover Letter and Application Form Support

How does it work? When you are applying for a job simply send us the form(s) you’d like us to check and we’ll provide you with an estimate of how much time we’ll need. Please don’t forget to send us the job description as its key we look at the documents together to ensure they support one another and cover all the main points. If you’re happy with the quote we then get to work straight away.

Our feedback comes in the form of comments in the document(s) and a detailed summary of the main points to consider or change. We don’t re-write text for you, but do pick up on spelling and grammar problems.

We check job applications and not generic CVs or Resumes. Each document needs to be carefully crafted to suit each job you’re applying for. No one CV or resume fits all.

How long does it take? We aim to provide our feedback within three working days of payment being agreed, and are often quicker than this. If it’s urgent please do flag this to us when you get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate your timescales.

How much does it cost? A typical application can be checked in just two hours – so £100 in total. More-detailed applications might take longer. There are no hidden costs – the price agreed at the start is the price paid. If for any reason you’re not happy, we are happy to consider a refund. Members of Conservation Careers get a 10% discount. Want to join up? Click here.

How to get in touch? To get your application, cv or cover letter checked, or ask any questions, simply email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Interview Practice

How does it work? You send us the details of the job you’re applying for along with your successful application and your interview date. We’ll go through these documents and prepare a practice interview with you and agree a time and date to do the practice interview. The interview will be held over Skype and will last about an hour. During the interview we’ll provide you with feedback and advice to give you the best chance of being hired.

We know interviews can be scary. By having a dummy run beforehand, we’ve found people can relax and feel more confident on their big day. We’ll also give you some practical tips to help you to keep your nerves in check.

How much does it cost? The total cost of a practice interview is £100. This includes a one hour Skype and our preparation time. Members of Conservation Careers get a 10% discount. Want to join up? Click here.

How to get in touch? To arrange your practice interview, or ask any questions, simply email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch very soon.