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Are you fascinated by the secret lives of plants? Would you like to study the building blocks of most of the planet’s ecosystems, from microscopic algae to towering trees? Find out how to become a botanist and start your wild career! As a botanist, you could help conserve, restore and enhance species and special sites;
We know that successfully applying for conservation jobs can be a huge barrier to success. We’re seeking honest insight from conservationists about applying for conservationists jobs, so we can serve you better. All input is treated as anonymous. Thanks in advance for participating!
Do you struggle to sell yourself? Would you like to learn how to convince employers to hire you or show your current employer you can do more? Are you ready to overcome your progress killers? Join us for a free webinar with Jette Stubbs, Career & Business Coach and Creator of The Happy Career Formula for
Are you a conservation organisation looking to attract the best possible talent to support your mission? Do you struggle with too many, too few, or low quality applications? We help 1000s of conservationists stand out from the crowd when they apply for conservation jobs. In this article we’re switching things up to show how conservation
In this interview, we speak to Vishal Ahuja, teacher turned conservationist, who has dedicated himself to protecting the sacred langurs of Chamba, a now endangered Leaf Monkey. By studying their behaviour, engaging local communities and farmers, and restoring their natural habitats, he tells us his story and why he is so passionate about conservation. When
In this episode we’re delving deeper into the conservation sector and exploring what conservationists need to be better at, in order to save more species, habitats and sites.   Joining our host Dr Nick Askew is Dr Fernando Mateos-González of Bioblogía – or Nando he’s often known - and Dr Stephanie Schuttler from the world of Fancy Scientist.   During this third episode of a new format of the podcast, the conservation career super-team share
David is chairman and founding owner of The Environment Bank Ltd which he set up in 2006 to introduce the concept of compensation, via biodiversity offsetting, habitat banking and net gain, into the UK because of his concerns at the way biodiversity was treated within the planning and development sector. In this interview for Ecology Jobs
An Interview with Dr Stuart Butchart, Chief Scientist at BirdLife International In this conversation with Dr Stuart Butchart, Chief Scientist at BirdLife International, we talk about his fascinating career driving forward the conservation of birds and their habitats. Dr Butchart shares a wealth of advice for other conservationists with disabilities, and for anyone wishing to
Have you ever met someone and feel like you’ve known them for years? You just clicked? That happened with today’s guest for me. Marnix van Holland is the WWF Global Programme Manager for their Youth & Education work. Before the podcast we were chatting and getting to know one another, and in the space of about 10-15 minutes
Speaking with Dr Nikki Tagg, Head of Conservation at Born Free, gives insight into what it’s like to work in a large conservation organization striving to protect wildlife around the world. Born Free is a conservation charity with its head office UK based, additional offices in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa; and conservation projects worldwide.
Within conservation there is a growing realisation that we need to do much more to share our messages and encourage more support and action. As a result, conservation employers are rapidly looking for people with communications skills. They want staff who can plan communications activities, write effectively, get press and media attention, engage audiences on
If you’re like me, you’ve been missing exploring new landscapes and cultures during the pandemic, and you’re itching to travel again. But have you ever struggled with how to travel ethically? Travel has come under the global spotlight recently – and for good reason. There is growing awareness about the negative impacts travel can have
In this episode we’re delving deeper into the world of applying for jobs in the conservation sector. Joining our host Dr Nick Askew is Dr Fernando Mateos-González of Bioblogía – or Nando he’s often known and Dr Stephanie Schuttler from the world of Fancy Scientist.   During this second of a new pilot format of the podcast the conservation career super-team talk about their
Dr Andrew Digby is a conservation biologist who works for New Zealand’s Department of Conservation. He dedicates his time to saving two of New Zealand’s most vulnerable birds; the Takahē and the Kākāpō, and is the scientific advisor for the two teams responsible for their recovery.  Andrew hasn’t always worked in conservation, however. Originally from
Does fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams? Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong, or weren’t worthy? Are you overly negative or critical of yourself, and worry about what others think? If you feel stressed, anxious or stuck, you’re not alone! But did you know that your own mind may be holding