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Originally from the UK, Kate Sheridan is a conservation biologist and scuba diver, living and working in the Maldives for a coral restoration and research project, Reefscapers. Although everyday life looks like a tropical dream – marine conservation set in island paradise – we discuss some of the hardships of creating a long-term career in'
“I knew what I wanted, and I went for it” says Dr Marisa Tellez. From about 5 years old, instead of playing with dolls, Dr Marisa Tellez was evolving her knowledge of the world’s top predators. Starting with her love for great white sharks, Marisa became fascinated by this species that survived the mass extinction
Stella Diamant is a passionate conservation biologist who founded the Madagascar Whale Shark Project, introduced a code of conduct for Whale Shark tourism, initiated an environmental education programme for Malagasy youth, and has identified almost 500 individual Whale Sharks.   She’s now working in collaboration with other NGOs and has helped ensure the code of conduct
Flavia Tirelli is a Brazilian research scientist and conservationist focused on mammalian carnivores especially small wildcats. After completing her Masters at Federal University of Rio Grande o Sul (UFRGS) and her PhD at the private university (PUCRS) in Brazil, Flavia continues to follow her passion by monitoring wildcats and addressing issues of human-wildlife conflict that'
There is no doubt sea turtles are one of the most marvellous but most endangered animals in our oceans. A study in Uruguay showed that 70% of green turtles had marine debris in at least one section of their digestive tract 1 – which is shocking. However, what if you can educate children, teenagers and
Today we’re speaking with Lucy Standing, who’s the Co-Founder of Brave Starts which offers career change and start-up business programmes to help people over 50 lead more purposeful lives.  Lucy talks openly about the challenges mature people face in their careers and within the workplace.  We discuss why age is being ignored in discussions about'
On 26 April 2023 The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) recognised six outstanding conservationists with 2023 Whitley Awards for their work to protect wildlife and ecosystems in partnership with local communities, spearheading solutions to the key drivers of biodiversity loss around the world. Kenya’s Dr Shivani Bhalla, a former Whitley Award winner, was separately honoured'
“I had a yellow rain jacket that was just white with guano, and I learnt pretty quickly that I had to close my mouth when looking up”. They do not teach you everything in school; sometimes the field turns into your school. Mathieu Charette, an ornithologist from Montreal, Canada, and director of the Toucan Ridge'
Barbara Arizaga is the Director of Communications for the Galápagos Conservancy, an organization based out of the beautiful town of Puerto Ayora in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. The Galápagos Conservancy is committed to protecting one of the world’s most unique island chains and the animals that inhabit them, such as the critically endangered Pink Land'
Surita Volland is a bushbaby enthusiast and, on top of her regular job at Johannesburg airport, the founder of Save the Fourways Bushbabies. This small-scale NPO in Johannesburg, South Africa, is working to save the Fourways land corridor from commercial development – a corridor that the bushbabies have made their home. Read on to hear'
The beautiful British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a chain of more than fifty volcanic islands between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country is home to a huge variety of rare plant and wildlife species. Nancy Pascoe, Deputy Director for Science, Research and Environmental Policy at the National Parks Trust of the'
Jetske Bouma is a Dutch environmental economist working for PBL, the Environmental Assessment Agency the Netherlands (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving). With over twenty years of experience in research and policy evaluation in this field, Jetske has worked internationally on important environmental economic projects from Costa Rica to India. As a teenager wanting to make a
Alicia Hayden is a UK-based wildlife artist, filmmaker, animator, writer, and photographer. She has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford and a master’s degree in Wildlife Filmmaking from the University of the West of England. Alicia currently works as an Illustrator and Junior Researcher for the BBC Natural History Unit in'
Are you an NGO seeking to build or expand an ecolodge? Apply here for USD $50,000 in funding until 15th April 2023 Rowens Cristancho is a Latin American conservation officer working for the small, non-profit organisation, Conservation Allies (CA). Their mission is to help local NGOs across the globe maximise funding by eliminating the administrative
In this episode we’re speaking with ocean writer and PR freelancer Melissa Hobson.  Mel is passionate about communicating how we can all make a difference for the marine environment, our planet and people’s lives.  She’s a certified scuba diver and has worked in PR for over a decade – at first outside of conservation and