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We hold regular conservation webinars and live training events at Conservation Careers. These cover all aspects of career planning within the conservation sector from job hunting and volunteering, to confidence and much more. Below you can see the latest webinars planned and also watch back the recordings of past events.

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While you’re busy taking care of our beautiful planet, are you taking care of yourself? Have you ever struggled with issues like barriers to entry, competition, finances, pressure, isolation or eco-anxiety? Join guests Kirsty Crawford and Laura Cuppage from & Another Thing for a special interactive event to explore wellbeing in conservation, how it affects conservationists
Would you like to create better conservation impact during your career? The ability to design and implement projects to better protect species, habitats and sites is key to success within conservation. But only a small proportion of professional conservationists are formally trained in these essential skills. A well-designed and adaptively managed project can make a
Would you like to receive a grant to support your conservation projects as well as gain opportunities to build connections with peers, access expert mentorship and participate in training courses? The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) – a 35 year-old capacity-building partnership between BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International and the Wildlife Conservation Society – will
Are you searching for more meaning in your career? Do you want a job that matches your values? Today, over one third of Conservation Careers members are career switchers – professionals (and graduates) who are switching careers into conservation from different job sectors. If you’ve always had a passion for wildlife and want to work in nature conservation, but don’t know
Would you like to get noticed by potential employers, make new connections and grow your professional conservation network? LinkedIn is a great place to network professionally, but it can seem mysterious at the start! Find out how to get linked IN! Join Conservation Careers’ Head of Community, Dr Fernando Mateos-González, for a free webinar to learn how to use LinkedIN
Which conservation job is right for me? Should I volunteer or intern? As a career switcher, do I need to start again? What skills do employers want? You have questions, and we have answers! Join Conservation Careers Director Dr Nick Askew and Head of Engagement Kristi Foster to learn how to quickly and easily start your career as a professional wildlife
Does it feel like you need to be a superhuman to land a conservation job? If you’re among the 85% of conservation job seekers suffering from application burn-out without seeing results, chances are you’re not using evidence to your advantage. Evidence is the single most powerful tool you can use to land a conservation job, but fewer than 10%
What unique challenges do women in conservation face? How can women better manage ‘imposter syndrome’? Is perfectionism a form of self-sabotage? Can women have it ALL – career, personal and family life? Explore the barriers and opportunities for the women who’ve dedicated their careers to conserving ‘mother Earth’! Join us for Women in Conservation Part
Would you like to unlock your creativity, clarity and confidence? Are you ready to increase your capability and skills in order to deliver change? From developing yourself to leading and managing others, we’re focusing on supporting present and future leaders in conservation. If you’re a student, job seeker, career switcher or professional conservationist, you’ll walk
Do you want your conservation work to have broader impact?  Do people need to act or change their behaviour to ensure the success of your project? Do you need to talk to the public to engage, inform and make things happen?  Do you want to share your research, with authority, to your peers? Then you
Are you submitting job applications without results? Are you amidst the nearly 85% of conservationists who are experiencing job application fatigue? Would you like to stop the cycle of application burnout and start landing jobs? We’re on a mission to help conservationists achieve career success, and we want to help YOU produce a stand-out application
Have you ever been busy all day but at the end of the day when you look back and ask yourself what you got done you can’t really think of anything? Would you like to enjoy the clarity of mind of knowing at every moment exactly what you need to get done? Learn how to optimise
Are you applying for conservation jobs unsuccessfully? Do you struggle to receive feedback on your applications? Would you like to increase your chances of success by learning from employers? Join us for a free webinar with guest speakers from Conservation International and the RSPB to get first-hand insights into how these top conservation employers recruit
Do you struggle to sell yourself? Would you like to learn how to convince employers to hire you or show your current employer you can do more? Are you ready to overcome your progress killers? Join us for a free webinar with Jette Stubbs, Career & Business Coach and Creator of The Happy Career Formula for
Within conservation there is a growing realisation that we need to do much more to share our messages and encourage more support and action. As a result, conservation employers are rapidly looking for people with communications skills. They want staff who can plan communications activities, write effectively, get press and media attention, engage audiences on