Webinar | Five things stopping you from becoming a conservationist in 2024

You’re passionate about our planet. Driven by purpose. Seeking a career that matches your values and makes a real difference.

But you’re not sure how to find conservation jobs or to network in the sector. You’re struggling to get conservation experience and become competitive for jobs (without spending lots of time and $£). You put in application after application, without any interviews or job offers.

If this sounds like you, it’s time for a change.

We asked our conservation community about the biggest barriers they face to working in conservation – and the challenges are clear.

But so are the solutions.

In this special webinar, we guide you through the biggest barriers to working in conservation in 2024. Using 10 years of experience at Conservation Careers and 30 years’ experience in the sector, we explain these barriers in detail and why they stop most people from succeeding.

Most importantly, we share what YOU can do to break through barriers and create the fulfilling career you deserve – whether you’re a student, job seeker or career switcher.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What are the top barriers to becoming a conservationist in 2024? We share the biggest challenges, identified by our community of conservationists.
  • What are the biggest mistakes aspiring conservationists make? We explain each barrier in detail and what stops most people from breaking through.
  • How can YOU break through barriers in 2024? We share the actions you can take to stop feeling lost, frustrated or stuck, and start creating your dream career.
  • What’s next? Leave the session feeling motivated and empowered to take action, and armed with resources to support you. From free guides to courses, we’ve got you!

Plus, we answer top questions from the audience about getting experience, age (is it too late?), training and much more!

Watch the webinar | Five things stopping you from becoming a conservationist in 2024

Ready to become a professional conservationist in 2024?

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