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The fight to protect maned wolves in Brazil’s disappearing Cerrado: An interview with Bárbara do Couto Peret Dias from Onçafari

Picture a wild savanna, teeming with life. Millions of insects hum in the dense undergrowth, birds flock in the skies, and elusive mammals can be glimpsed through the tall grasses. You might be picturing lions and giraffes, but this is not Africa. It’s the Cerrado savanna in central Brazil, and it’s in critical danger. Brazil’s

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Webinar | How to get conservation experience

Does it feel like you’re trapped in a ‘catch-22’? You need conservation experience to land a conservation job… but you need a conservation job to get experience! We asked our conservation community about the biggest barriers they face to working in conservation – and ‘Getting conservation experience’ was the #1 challenge. While other job sectors have clear

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