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Saving Ugly Animals is No Laughing Matter

Simon Watt is a science communicator, founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and a stand-up comic. In this interview with Conservation Careers Blogger Bill Boteler, Simon talks about his journey to become what he is and why ‘ugly’ animals matter. Why do you work in conservation? I don’t only work in conservation is the

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Join our Live Q&A with Conservation Careers!

How do you stand out when applying for jobs? Should you invest in more education? Do you need to start over to switch careers into conservation? Where do you start..?! Join us for a live Q&A event with Founder and Director of Conservation Careers, Dr Nick Askew, and Head of Engagement, Kristi Foster, as they

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The Boundless Survival Potential of Butterflies

Dr. Jane Hill is a professor and deputy head of the Biology Department at the University of York. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to protect ecosystems led her to explore the impacts of habitat fragmentation and climate change on temperate and tropical insect biodiversity. Research in Hill’s lab does not stop there; she also works on

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