Webinar: How to switch careers into conservation (and start making a difference)

Are you waking up to a job that doesn’t bring you joy because it’s not making a positive difference in the world? Do you wish you could have a conservation career that creates a legacy of positive impact but don’t know where to start?

If you’re like most career switchers, you may have no idea what it takes to get a paying job in conservation, or if it’s even possible.

But I know there’s a path for you.

Discover your unique pathway in our webinar, How to switch careers into conservation (and start making a difference). We’ll explain how it’s possible to become a professional wildlife conservationist without frustration and overwhelm.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to get support from experts and guides in the industry who can help make this easy for you.
  • How to get the tools, resources and access to the training you need to be in high demand.
  • How to make connections with people who are on the same path, to get confidence in your newfound career – losing any imposter syndrome you might be feeling.

Plus, we answer top questions – live!

Watch the webinar | How to switch careers into conservation

Ready to become a professional conservationist?

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