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In this episode we’re discussing what it’s like to study and work within academia, how to survive it, enjoy it and more..! Joining our host Dr Nick Askew is Dr Fernando Mateos-González of Bioblogía – or Nando he’s often known – and Dr Stephanie Schuttler from the world of Fancy Scientist. Listen Watch Subscribe You
What does your career look like post-COVID crisis? Have you spent some time during the past 15 months reflecting on your work, and wondering what your legacy might be when you look back on your career? Check out our Live Q&A, where we talk about how we can help you join the green recovery, and
In the quest to safeguard our oceans, it’s vital that we understand marine life so that we know the best ways to protect it. Academics are crucial to this mission, providing the expertise and research that ultimately informs local, national and international policy. Prof. Steve Simpson, currently a professor at the University of Exeter, is
It may seem strange that an animal only discovered by science in the late 1990s is now listed as Critically Endangered. But this is the case for the Large-antlered Muntjac, a rare deer species only found in the dense rainforests of the Annamite mountains of Vietnam and Laos. Bizarrely, the species was only discovered when
What would have happened if we’d started engaging young people in the conservation movement much earlier? Would we be seeing more action, impact and progress within the sector now as a result?  And how can we address diversity and inclusion issues, in a sector that traditionally has been dominated by white men from relatively affluent backgrounds?  These are some of the
Add the biggest conservation job board to your website and delight your users! At Conservation Careers we share over 50 new conservation jobs worldwide every day. That’s over 250 jobs each week, 1,000 jobs each month and 12,000 jobs per year! Now you can embed the biggest conservation job board into your website using our new job
Do you struggle to sell yourself? Would you like to learn how to convince employers to hire you or show your current employer you can do more? Are you ready to overcome your progress killers? Join us for a free webinar with Jette Stubbs, Career & Business Coach and Creator of The Happy Career Formula for
You may be wondering what Queer Ecology is and how it relates to conservation?! Well, we have interviewed a pioneering queer wildlife conservationist and educator to show how learning from the natural world can change our societal norms of acceptance, and how whatever your background, you can find a way to connect with nature and
Read on to hear the journey of Sibylle Riedmiller, founder of Chumbe Island Coral Park (CHICOP) – the world’s first privately managed marine protected area (MPA) fully funded by ecotourism. In her words, this is the “career of an activist”, and her journey is one which has been achieved through pure passion and relentless drive.
Are you a student who needs help kick-starting your career in conservation? Or a course or program leader who wants to give your students a jump-start navigating the conservation sector, fast-tracking their job search and finding fulfilling, impactful careers? Entering the conservation sector can be competitive, and sometimes even the most talented graduates struggle to find their
Understanding and safeguarding our oceans has never been more important. We now know Jacques Cousteau of marine legend was wrong to call our oceans “a silent world”. Thanks to the research of Prof. Steve Simpson, we’re realising just how vital sound is in the lives of marine creatures. Currently a professor at the University of
Andrew Painting works as an ecologist for the National Trust for Scotland at Mar Lodge, located in the Scottish Highlands. Not only this, he is now the author of a wonderful new nature book – ‘Regeneration’. Our paths have crossed before, as is typical within the small world of conservation, so I took the opportunity
Today we’re talking to a hugely inspiring figure within the UK ecology scene, who enjoys disrupting the market, and doing things differently.  Professor David Hill CBE is chairman and founding owner of The Environment Bank which he set up because of his concerns at the way wildlife was being treated within the planning and development sector.  In this episode we cover a lot
Are you fascinated by the secret lives of plants? Would you like to study the building blocks of most of the planet’s ecosystems, from microscopic algae to towering trees? Find out how to become a botanist and start your wild career! As a botanist, you could help conserve, restore and enhance species and special sites;
We know that successfully applying for conservation jobs can be a huge barrier to success. We’re seeking honest insight from conservationists about applying for conservationists jobs, so we can serve you better. All input is treated as anonymous. Thanks in advance for participating!