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Is anxiety around public speaking holding you back in your career? Would you like to expert tips and techniques to make your next interview, meeting or presentation a success? Master your nerves and learn to enjoy public speaking at any career stage with guest Matt Abrahams, educator and coach with Stanford University’s Graduate School of'
As an RSPB warden in the Norfolk Broads, Matthew is the custodian of one of the rarest fenland habitats in Europe. Many career switchers are hesitant to apply for warden roles, believing they would have to study for a biology degree or learn to identify every species on the reserve to be successful. However, in
How do you go from being an athlete playing on varsity football and basketball teams in Canada and Europe to setting up your own ecotourism operation, which helps to conserve wildlife in both Guyana and Belize? That’s the journey that our guest today, Jordan Flagel, has been on in his career so far. Jordan is
Is anxiety around public speaking holding you back in your career? Would you like to expert tips and techniques to make your next interview, meeting or presentation a success? Master your nerves and learn to enjoy public speaking at any career stage! Join us for a free webinar with Matt Abrahams, educator and coach with
Dr Becky Cliffe is a British zoologist and a leading expert on sloth biology and ecology. She is the founder and executive director of the Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo), a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving sloths in the wild. In this interview, Becky talks about moving to Costa Rica, starting SloCo from scratch and the
Marine biologist Inka Cresswell talks about why she went down the filmmaking route of marine biology, how she chose particular courses and universities for her studies and her advice for others. What is your current job? My background is in marine biology but I am working as a researcher in the wildlife filmmaking industry, with
Today we’re speaking with the host of The Case for Conservation Podcast and Programme Director at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, André Mader. André is a conservation biologist by training and he’s worked mostly in biodiversity policy, first in his native South Africa, and then also in Canada, Switzerland and Japan. During the podcast,
The International Ranger Awards recognise the remarkable work of rangers in protected and conserved areas around the world. Ten awardees will each receive a unique uniform patch, and their organisations will receive US$10,000 to support their work. The awards are open to the diversity of rangers across the world, recognising the wide range of work
Meg Hayward-Smith is a recent graduate and the founder of Falmouth Marine Conservation (FMC), a local conservation group based in Falmouth, Cornwall, who’s mission it is to raise marine awareness to empower the community to protect the local marine environment. Here she talks about what FMC does, what inspired her to start FMC and her
How can working with and empowering local communities support long-term conservation? What makes community-based conservation successful? After emerging in the 1980s, community-based conservation has become a widely accepted tool for achieving conservation and socioeconomic benefits. In this free webinar from Conservation Careers, we’ll explore why local and Indigenous communities matter in wildlife conservation, and how we
Are you fascinated by amphibians? Are you curious about what a career conserving frogs might be like, and how you can get involved in saving the world’s amphibian species? Blake Klocke is a PhD candidate at George Mason University studying amphibian conservation biology. He also works on projects at the genetics lab at the National
Have you ever met someone and wondered in awe about how they have done so much in such a short space of time? That’s a feeling I got when I first met Elliot Connor, who’s our guest on the podcast today. Elliot is a 17 year old Australian popular science writer, presenter, producer, and so
Are you thinking about a career in marine conservation? Have you thought about working for a charity? At a charity, you can spend your life helping others, especially those without a voice!  The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is the voice for Australia’s oceans. They’re the sole national charity devoted to defending marine life!  Darren Kindleysides, the CEO, has led
Often, when it comes to marine conservation, it’s the small organisms and important ocean systems that are overlooked. In this interview, marine biologist and conservationist Dr Stephanie Sargeant gives insight into the forgotten fundamentals of marine conservation, such as plankton and trace gases.  Steph is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the University of the
Have you ever picked up a can of fish in the supermarket and wondered what the MSC certified symbol actually means for the tuna in the can? Most of us know it means the fish is from sustainable stocks. But how is this judged and verified and how did the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) manage