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Conservation Career Kick-Starter Course

Feeling lost in your conservation job hunt? Want to work in conservation, but don’t know where to start? Get your career on track with the Conservation Career Kick-Starter is designed to help you understand the job market, to navigate your career options, and to get hired more quickly.

Whether you’re at university and planning your next steps, a graduate in the job hunt or working in an unrelated job but interested to switch into conservation, this course is designed to help you.

With wildlife in crisis all around the world and numbers of threatened species at an all-time high, the natural world needs your help. The good news is there are a growing number of jobs available in conservation – it’s become a professional industry requiring a diverse and growing range of skill sets. The bad news is it’s more competitive than ever before, with 92% of conservationists confirming that it’s become tougher to get a job in the last decade alone.

This unique online course has been designed to increase your chances of success, and is being specially organised and run by Conservation Careers.

Applications are now closed. If you’re interested in the course, please register your details below and we’ll contact you when the course reopens. The course is likely to open in early June 2020.

Who is the course designed for?

The course is designed for early career conservationists. This includes under-graduates, graduates (inc. Masters and PhD students), along with people looking to switch into conservation from a totally different sector. If you want to start working in wildlife conservation, or just would like to know more about what’s involved, this is the course for you.


The course has been based on the experience of hundreds of professional conservationists, from around the world, who have shared their advice with the Conservation Careers team. Over eight weeks you’ll cover the following through online modules:

Theme Module / Session Contents Release Date Commitment needed
WELCOME 1 – Welcome Group Skypes A welcome group Skype to meet Conservation Careers and your fellow classmates, introduce yourself, and ask any questions before the course starts. TBC 1:00 hour










2 – The Conservation Industry Overview – You’ll get an overview of the rapidly growing sector, the main employer types, top employers, and different job types. You will also learn which jobs are most popular, abundant and where the biggest opportunities lie. We’ll also look at industry trends. Presentation – Covering (i) Employer types, (ii) Jobs types, (iii) Trends. One hour. 

Task – Employer Decision Matrix. 30 minutes.

TBC 1:30 hours
3 – Self-Assessment Overview – During this module you’ll better understand yourself, to identify the job(s) which are going to be best suited to you. This gives you the best chances of success – because having a niche is key today to being competitive. In this session you’ll explore different important aspects of what makes you, you. Through some structured self-reflection you’ll learn some important lessons for your career planning and job hunt. Presentation – Covering the importance of (i) Skills & flow, (ii) Knowledges. 30 minutes. 

Tasks – (i) Identify your flow patterns, (ii) Identify your favourite knowledges. 1 – 3 hours.

TBC 1:30 – 3:30 hours (depending on how fast you complete the tasks)
4 – Finding Your Niche Overview – This is an important session which lays the foundations for a successful job hunt. By now you’ll have learnt a lot about yourself during the self-reflection which you can use to help identify the right career path for you. In this module you’re going to give your ideal job a name. Presentation – An introduction to this very practical session. 15 minutes. 

Tasks – (i) Brainstorm (longlist), (ii) Broadcast (longlist), (iii) Review (shortlist)

TBC 2:00 hours
GETTING EXPEREINCED 5 – Getting Experienced & The Job Hunt Overview – This week we’ll help you to figure out what skills, education and experiences you’ll need to get your chosen role(s). By now you have a clearer idea of the job you’d like to aim for having undertaken the exercises outlined in the earlier modules. You may have also asked for help to answer some specific questions you may have had. Now it’s time to get tooled-up for your chosen career. We also cover a detailed review of how to find and monitor jobs online; stopping your dream job from slipping you by. Presentation – Covering: Getting educated, Volunteering your way to conservation success, The five golden rules of internship success, Job Boards, Google Alerts, Employer sites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, To apply or not to apply?! 

Tasks – No task this week.

TBC 1:00 hour
GETTING HIRED 6 – How to apply for a conservation job Overview – SO many people mess up at the application stage … and this week you’ll learn (i) how to write a winning curriculum vitae, (ii) how to write the perfect covering letter and (iii) ten steps for applying for a conservation job. Presentation – Covering: Example (Save the Rhino), A typical job description, How to write a winning curriculum vitae, How to write the perfect covering letter, Ten steps for applying for a conservation job 

Tasks – CV Review, Become a recruiter.

TBC 2:00 hours
7 – Being great at interviews Overview – This week we’ll cover all the key aspects of preparing for, and delivering, a great interview. Presentation – Covering: Competency-based interviews, Questions and answers, The big day, Interview nerves, Skype & phone interviews. 

Tasks – Practice interviews.

TBC 2:00 hours
  8 – Top Tips in your Conservation Job Hunt Overview – This final module is a best of the rest week. Presentation – Covering important topics and themes that will help to increase your chances of career success in the conservation sector. 

Tasks – No task this week.

TBC 30 mins.
CLOSE Course ends Everyone who completed the course receives a certificate. TBC
   Total commitment – 11:30 – 13:30 hours over eight weeks.

Duration & Commitment

The course will last for eight weeks in total – covering one module per week. The time commitment varies each week (1 – 2 hours per week on average). See the timetable above for fuller details. All you need is an internet connection.


The course is currently closed for applications. If you’re interested in the course, please register your details below and we’ll contact you when the course reopens.


The cost for the course is £195. This includes a One Year membership to Conservation Careers (worth £40.00). Everyone who completed the course receives a certificate, and spaces are limited. If you’re not 100% happy, we offer a money back guarantee.

Feedback from the first course:

  • Satisfaction rating (out of 136 participants) – 100%!
  • Recommendation rating (out of 136 participants) – 100%!

What people said about the Conservation Career Kick-Starter

  • “I wanted to let you know that FFI offered me the role, and I have accepted. I also got offered a role with the RSPB as well! I wanted to thank you again, as the help you’ve provided through the Kick-Starter – I don’t think I would be in the same situation without it!” Rosie Crawley, UK. 
  • I got the job with WWF! Thanks a lot for everything. I knew a job, in line with my passion, was out there for me. I knew I needed to look for it.  But how to start? Conservation Careers helped me a lot in the process of defining what I was most interested in, what I was qualified for and how to pursue it. The coaching during the Kick-Starter Course gave me focus and a plan. A plan that ultimately led to a job I’ve always dreamed of with WWF!” Naomi Terriere, Bulgaria. 
  • “I am writing to you because I had a direct result because of the Kick-Starter course. I used the training correct my CV and applied I for a job. I quickly had an interview, and I am hired!” Jim Houdkamp, Netherlands. 
  • “I particularly want to thank Nick for really giving me the confidence to pursue my dream and could not recommend the Kick-Starter highly enough”. Alexander Liversidge, UK.
    “Looks like I’ll be dropping out of the Kick-Starter, but with good reason. I just got offered a year-long contract as a co-ordinator ay an animal rehabilitation centre on Costa Rica, working with Sloths (my favourite animal). Two weeks in and the group already has it’s first success story!” Matt Roland, USA. 
  • “I just wanted to share with you that thanks to the Kick-Starter course … I’ve been offered an internship this summer with the Sea Trust! I don’t’ want to brag (although I am a little because I’m so happy hahaha) but if I can do it, we all can! I really think what we did on the course made such a difference to my application!” Chloe Naan, UK. 
  • “I just wanted to thank you for the content, set-up and general friendliness associated to the Kick-Starter course. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and experience of this course and would recommend it to anyone I speak to” Natasha Pulford, South Africa.
  • Thanks to Conservation Careers, I am currently working for RiverCare and BeachCare, a Keep Britain Tidy project that supports local volunteer teams to conduct regular river and beach cleans and wildlife surveys. I genuinely love the job and couldn’t be more grateful to you for helping me to get it!!” Catherine Holborn, UK. 
  • Thank you Nick for a great Kick-Starter course. I really learned a lot and have been using all my skills in applications. I got an interview the other week and just found out I got the job as an environmental science educator! Thank you again!” Kathryn Braddock, USA. 
  • For anyone considering or unsure of joining this Kick-Starter course, I cannot recommend it enough. It will give you inside knowledge as to how the conservation sector works, help you redefine which sector you would be best suited for and what experience to gain, but most importantly, it will help you stand out from the thousands of other applicants. I can safely say that without this course, I probably would still be working in a pub in Manchester and applying for my dream jobs, unsuccessfully. I now work in one of the most beautiful places in the west of Scotland, get to see amazing wildlife every day and through that teach and inspire people about the importance of conserving our natural world” Kilian Hughes, Scotland.
    Your advice is great, especially to emphasize what I achieved during my positions and study – such a “duh” moment! It gives my CV much more value :)” Stefanie Roy, Australia.
    Thank you, again, for all your help the last two years, you have really provided me with some great opportunities and I have no doubt this has helped me get into my current role at ZSL.” Emma Ackerley, UK.
    “I learnt so much (and really enjoyed doing so) and it has given me a great deal more hope in switching to my dream job, I’d happily recommend this Kick-Starter course to anybody thinking about a career in conservation” Jack Capon, UK. 
  • The Kick-Starter was the bridge I needed to switch from a career in IT to a career in conservation and I know that I’ll be working in conservation by next year!  Thanks to conservation careers for helping me make the right decision for my life!” Maureen Doyle – Ireland.
  • Conservation Careers has been such a beacon of hope and opportunity for not only myself, but my classmates.  I know many of my peers (myself included) consult it regularly, and have had job successes through it. Thank you for providing this service to early career job seekers like us!” Ruby Finlen – Australia.
  • Conservation Careers has undoubtedly been the number one resource in my own job search and it does so within what feels like an inclusive community, which is fantastic, especially when you’re job hunting!” Bryn Morgan – England.
  • “When I saw my dream job come up I knew I couldn’t miss my chance! I decided to get the help and advice from Conservation Careers and, guess what, it paid off: I got the job!” Lise Goudeseune, Brussels.
  •  “This was such a great experience! I’ve received high quality advice and support! During my application process I felt as if I have my own team supporting me. Following received guidance I have learned much more than I would on my own. Total recommendation.” Karolina Kass, Edinburgh.
  • I have been extremely happy with the service that Conservation Careers has provided, and I have already managed to a job as a result!” Craig Turley – England.
  • Conservation Careers has been a great help as I sought to make a career switch into conservationAnd the best thing? With the support and encouragement of the Conservation Careers community, I have now found an exciting job in conservation at WWF!” Karen Sim Clerk – Singapore.
  • Do it! It’s one of the best things I’ve done as it really helps you find out what you’re suited for, what you’re interested in and how to get there” India Charlotte Ashfield.
  • I am really happy I made the choice to take this course. I learned a lot, from how many industries and job types are out there in conservation, to making a great motivation letter and how to do well in interviews. If you are looking for a job, getting overwhelmed (or a bit lost) and in need of some pointers, I would definitely recommend this course!” Ive Rouart.
  • “I had no idea where to start my job search and the course really helped me narrow down which jobs to apply for as well as how to effectively apply to them”. Devin Fitzpatrick.
  • “When you need or ask for something Nick is responsive and kindly. So just take it!” Laëtitia Pêcheur.
  • “I knew I wanted to work in conservation but felt lost and overwhelmed about how to achieve my goal. Even just starting the course gave me the confidence to start applying for conservation jobs. I was quickly invited to 3 interviews and I now have a conservation job!” Lucy Deans.
  • I would definitely recommend it, it provides handy hints and tips that are useful when trying to break into the field of conservation!” Taylor Headland.
  • “I would say it’s a course profitable to everyone no matter the age, profession or situation. This course is very helpful to guide us on our own personal path into conservation” Angelica Chinellato.
  • “If you are looking for a job and you want to be well prepared, the Kick-Starter course will definitively help”. Frederik Van de Perre.
  • If you are not sure where to start in conservation field (especially when you are students who do not have much exposure and experience on the ground), this course helps you to plan and get a direction on building your conservation career” Lyvia Chong.
  • If you want to work in the conservation field but you feel lost, if you don’t know where to start, if you only have a vague idea about what to do, the course is for you. The course takes you through exercises that force you to define what you want, and that is key. The exercises take you through a process of rationalisation, which helps tremendously seeing where to go and what to do”. Gilles Dubois.
  • It is a great way to feel more confident in your job search and also less stressed when facing all those opportunities. With this course you know better what you really want and that then helps you to zoom in and hit your goal!” Stefanie Rog.
  • “It is not a regular course. It is a course to figure out who you are, what do you want to do, and how to get it”. Juan Vicente Hernandez.
  • It was definitely worth it taking this course. I learned practical and useful methods and strategies to apply in my job hunt and career planning. These will not only help me improve professionally but also save me time and effort” Eileen Elli Ronayne.
  • Just do it! It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and yourself!” Esme Coles.
  • Really great introduction of broader concepts balanced with a surprising level of detail and practical application in each module. Going through this process would really increase one’s chances of entering/progressing in the field – which is much broader than I first thought. Do the exercises. Share on Facebook. Learn from your network”. Liesel Farbach.
  • This course is amazing! It teaches you about exploring yourself and what your passions are but it also teaches you about the working sector. Good information and guidance is given” Dobrochna Delsen.
  • This course really helps you to the next level in the conservation career. For me I was just finishing my Masters and it felt like I was falling into the big deep ocean… Conservation Careers helped me to sit back, think over the simplest goals and values of life, they gave me the practical information on how to take the next step in the conservation career but also gives you the courage and self-confidence to do so. Conservation Careers is so personally involved and are willing to help you with everything you are struggling with. They give you the feeling that you are not alone in this blue big ocean”. Jessica van Mildert.
  • This course will give you a solid foundation from which you can start building your career and is really tremendously useful” Malikah Wachill.
  • This is an amazing course. I didn’t think that it would be useful at all, because I have masters in conservation and I worked for 8 months in Costa Rica. I thought I knew it all. I am looking back at my previous applications, which I have done before I started this course, and I realised how bad they were, there was no structure, simple mistakes, and not much information to stand out” Varvara Vladimirova.
  • This is really worth it, this course has helped me to apply for a right conservation job!” Agne Dabasinskaite.


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