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Avoid These Mistakes in your Conservation Job Hunt

Are you doing everything you possibly can to land a conservation job, but not having any success? Are you considering a career in conservation in the near future and wondering how to fast-track your steps to employment? Or perhaps you’d like to switch careers into conservation and you’re wondering what the best approach is?

It’s easy to believe that there aren’t many conservation jobs available, that you need a master’s or PhD to be competitive, or that you must invest hundreds of hours (and ££$$) to get experience. But these are actually some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions people make in their conservation job hunt.

That’s why we dedicated a webinar to myth-busting nine of the most common mistakes and misconceptions made when pursuing a conservation career, to help you conduct a successful conservation job hunt and get on with helping the planet and its wildlife.

Video Replay: The top Mistakes to avoid in your Conservation job hunt

The nine top mistakes to avoid in your conservation job hunt are:

  1. Thinking conservation is all about being outside studying sharks, turtles and lions
  2. Trying to be a stick insect (identical to other conservationists)
  3. Spending hundreds of hours and 1000’s of ££$$ to get experience
  4. Worrying that there are not many conservation jobs available
  5. Seeing enemies, not allies
  6. Thinking if you put in enough applications, you’ll get an interview
  7. Re-using your CV many times
  8. Thinking you need to have a PhD (or master’s)
  9. Doubting yourself and your skills/experience

The mistakes are followed by a great Q&A discussion covering topics related to switching careers into conservation, crafting stand-out job applications, getting training and experience, and much more!

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