One of the most effective ways in which the EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) of Existence programme is working to secure the future of EDGE species is by helping to build conservation capacity in regions in which they occur. This is achieved through awarding two-year Fellowships to future conservation leaders (EDGE Fellows) working on poorly-known EDGE species.

Become a Fellow

Many of the world’s EDGE species occur in low-income countries that frequently lack the capacity and resources to protect them. EDGE believe that the best way to achieve long-term conservation goals is to support local people to develop the skills and experience to conserve their local biodiversity.

The EDGE Fellowship programme identifies, trains, and mentors local conservation leaders and supports the implementation of targeted initiatives to protect EDGE species. Under the supervision of internationally renowned scientists at ZSL and partner organisations, EDGE Fellows receive support (via two training courses, online learning, project visits and mentoring) in project design, data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, community outreach, education, leadership and fundraising.

The EDGE Fellowship programme provides Fellows with:

  • A 4-week Conservation Tools training course at the beginning of the programme to provide Fellows with essential training in techniques to plan and implement their project
  • A grant to undertake a 2-year project on a top priority EDGE species;
  • Ongoing technical support/mentoring (achieved via online modules, web-based tutorials/seminars, and field visits) throughout the Fellowship;
  • A 2-week Conservation Leadership training course in London approximately 18-months into their Fellowship to help Fellows prepare for the next stage of their career.

By the end of the two-year EDGE Fellowship, each Fellow will have undertaken:

  1. Ecological research answering a specific conservation question;
  2. Produced a Survival Blueprint – a comprehensive Status Review and conservation recommendations developed through a multi-participatory stakeholder workshop
  3. Targeted conservation action(s)
  4. Community and stakeholder engagement

The EDGE Fellowship call is open annually from April-July. Apply Here when the calls open. 

For more information about the EDGE Fellows Programme, please visit the EDGE of Existence website or you can email the EDGE Team