Do you want to contribute to the research of the Amazon rainforest and learn first-hand about the rich flora and fauna of the Peruvian rainforest?

Then become part of an international team of researchers, interns and volunteers and support the protection and conservation of the rainforest through monitoring and research programmes in tropical South America.

  • Learn first-hand how the Peruvian Amazon is being protected and explored
  • Get hands-on training in ecosystem monitoring, explo­ration and conser­va­tion
  • Collect valuable infor­ma­tion yourself to protect the rainforest
  • Contribute to a positive impact on the rainforest
  • Better under­stand the human impact on the Amazon rainforest
  • Live in an isolated research station with a sustain­able, environ­men­tally friendly lifestyle
  • Work with volun­teers and researchers from all over the world
  • As a student: gain practical experi­ence, carry out your scien­tific research or write your final thesis

As a student or intern, you can conduct your own research on other topics and get help with your scientific project and fieldwork. You can also join as a volunteer and support the maintenance of the protected area, help monitor wildlife, tree and plant species, and assist the current studies of the researchers and students.

Everyone can use this opportunity to learn valuable new research, fieldwork and identification skills that can be useful for study, career or personal development.


Our partner aims to protect the Peruvian forest and ensure its conservation through activities compatible with nature conservation, such as ecotourism, education and research. To do this, they use methods such as monitoring and research programmes that are accessible to everyone. Our partner works in a concession area of about 200 ha, which has been designated as a nature reserve by the Peruvian government.

Participants can learn about and support conservation efforts here. Our partner aims to make the basics of nature research accessible to everyone by offering training and field experiences related to conservation. Their data collection methods are standardised, so you can also use this data for your study or final report. As a student or intern, you can also research other topics, and our partner can help you with your scientific project and fieldwork.

In the project at the Biological Station in Peru, you will have the opportunity to actively support ongoing long-term studies and monitoring to protect the habitat of species such as the black spider monkey. You will gain practical experience in the Amazon rainforest and support the conservation activities of our partner.

At the same time, you experience an isolated lifestyle that affects nature as little as possible and brings you back to your roots.


The main house is a communal area with a well-equipped kitchen, dining room, library, work area, laundry room, outdoor showers and toilets, hammocks and four bungalows with private bathrooms. You will be responsible for cleaning your shared room and bathroom. You will participate in the cleaning of the common areas and help to unload the boat with all the supplies and bring them to the station. All people living in the ward take part in the communal meals and take turns preparing them.

After dinner, around 8 pm, there is time for board games, films, relaxation and conversation. Occasionally, there are also classes or presentations at this time. One day a week is usually for resting. You have the opportunity to visit the city every two weeks for one night at the weekend at your own expense. Here you will find hotels, restaurants, shops and internet access.


But not only did I adapt, I even learned to love it. I fell in love with the forest, the animals, and the green and for the first time I had the feeling that my work was contributing something valuable to the world. This stay may have been physically very strenuous, but mentally it was incredibly energizing. In addition, there was a great social atmosphere in the station and I made friends for life.” (Lydia, 25 years)

Dates, Services, Cost


The project runs all year round with no holidays. Start date is always on Wednesdays or Sundays, at your choosing.


  • Placement in the programme
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Risk coverage certificate
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Accommodation during the programme
  • Food items for cooking daily meals
  • Drinking water
  • Training during the programme
  • English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • 24/7 support throughout the programme

Not Included in the Services pack

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • (Limited) laundry service
  • Snacks
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expenses and optional excursions


  • 2 weeks: 1.000 EUR
  • 4 weeks: 1.575 EUR
  • 6 weeks: 2.025 EUR
  • 8 weeks: 2.225 EUR
  • 10 weeks: 2.625 EUR
  • 12 weeks: 3.025 EUR

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