You would like to go overseas, become active in nature and species conservation and expand your academic knowledge and hands-on skills? You would like to volunteer abroad and would benefit greatly from financial assistance and the opportunity to educate yourself?

Then apply for a Natucate Conservation Scholarship and receive funding for your educational (volunteer) experience! As a scholarship resource, Natucate wants to help people travel abroad, immerse themselves into a new culture, be part of a meaningful programme and gain invaluable experience as a conservation volunteer or student.

Requirements for applicants

In order to qualify for the Natucate Conservation Scholarship programme and to receive our 500 US$ grants, applicants must fulfil certain requirements. These include:

  • Applicants need to be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants must have solid communication skills in English
  • Applicants must be physically fit (Natucate will ask to hand in a medical questionnaire after application is accepted)
  • Professional Field Guide Scholarship: Applicants must have a valid driver’s license
  • Applicants must be highly interested in nature and wildlife, in conservation work, in knowledge acquisition, and in outdoor living
  • Applicants must be motivated to be part a dedicated conservation/educational programme, must be team players but also independent workers, must be flexible and eager to acquire new knowledge
  • Applicants must give their permission for personal photos taken during their time as a scholar to be used by Natucate or Natucate’s partners for marketing purposes (online, print)
  • An academic background in project-related field is a plus, but not a must. Natucate wants to give people from various background the chance to gain hands-on conservation experience abroad as we consider it as beneficial for every nature lover.

Documents to hand in

  • Motivational letter
  • CV
  • Supporting documents: any secondary/post-secondary diplomas, diplomas/certificates of project-related workshops, seminars etc. (if applicable)