Three field assistant positions (2 x “Sealers” and 1 x “Killer Whaler”) are once again available at Marion Island, April 2018 – May 2019. All three positions are embedded within the research programme: “Marion Island Marine Mammals: Individual Variation and Population Processes in Changing Environments

For instructions and more information:

  1. Mammalogist- Seals
  2. Mammalogist- Killer Whales

Please read the advertisements carefully and follow the application instructions therein.

An overview documentary of what you might expect in these positions can be viewed here and further insight about our science gained by looking at our publications. Additional information about the positions and a background to the    programme can be found on our programme history, ‘working with us‘ and FAQ pages.

Inquiries and cover letters may be sent to Ms Kate du Toit (katedutoit@hotmail.com) and cc to the Principal Investigator of this specific project: Prof Nico de Bruyn (pjndebruyn@zoology.up.ac.za).

DEADLINE: 20 November 2017