Although the natural world is a source of great beauty and happiness, vast numbers of animals routinely face serious challenges such as disease, hunger, or natural disasters. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to these threats. However, even as we recognize that improving the welfare of free-ranging wild animals is difficult, we believe that humans have a responsibility to help whenever we can.

Most wildlife research has been limited to the harms humans cause. Therefore, there is still much uncertainty about what animals’ lives are like in the wild and what humans could do to help responsibly. Answering those questions will not be easy. The diversity of animal species and the complexity of ecosystem interactions requires a wider range of research expertise than any one organization could support.

Our grants aim to empower wild animal welfare researchers to explore topics neglected by other funders. We support research that advances our understanding of the fundamental concepts, novel methods, and preliminary interventions that will most rapidly accelerate progress in the field.

We are currently soliciting proposals on the following themes:

  • Innovative methods for measuring wild animal welfare

  • Innovative methods for monitoring wild animal welfare

  • Population regulation

  • Rehabilitation/conservation

For more detail on the themes and our selection criteria, please read the call for proposals.