Meet the crew! Behind the scenes with Team Conservation Careers

Who is Conservation Careers? And how do we do all the things that we do? 

Believe it or not, we get asked these questions pretty often! 

This year we’ve accomplished some incredible things on our mission to help conservationists achieve career success. But we couldn’t have done them without a team of passionate people all around the world. 

Because it turns out that, just like wildlife conservation, helping conservationists achieve career success isn’t just a job – it’s a global collaboration.

Who is Conservation Careers?

Since we launched Conservation Careers in 2013, collaboration has been at the core of what we do.

Along our Conservation Careers journey we’ve been joined by dedicated partners, job posters, Conservation Careers Bloggers, researchers and – more recently – social media officers.

As we grow, so does our team – which now spans countries from Mozambique to Scotland and from Malaysia to New Zealand.

Behind the scenes at Conservation Careers

We thought you might like a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Conservation Careers…

Jobs and experiences

Have you ever wondered how we share all those new jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities on our job board and experiences board every day?

Our team of job posters post about 50 new jobs onto our Job Board each day. They’re quick and accurate, sharing the latest opportunities as soon as they appear.

Meanwhile, our promotion partners help share new opportunities with their networks around the world – so that we can reach more aspiring conservationists than we could alone.

Careers advice

Our Conservation Careers Bloggers – aka CCBs – are always in search of a story. They interview professional conservationists for our Careers Advice Blog, sharing insights and advice from early career conservationists, right through to Directors and CEOs.

They’re creative storytellers, who ask insightful questions, and use their writing and editing skills to transform their research into interviews packed with information and advice.

Conservation industry research

Our researchers help us understand current trends – like the top skills in demand by conservation employers. They also help us discover and share new opportunities – like courses and programmes for our training board, top conservation scholarships, and new experiences.

Social Media

We know not everyone checks websites for latest updates, so we’ve been getting more social with our jobs, experiences and resources.

Our Social Media Officers share some of the best new opportunities on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, so every conservationist can find new opportunities and support, no matter where they get their news.

They’re quick, creative, detailed, social saavy, and fond of the occasional pun 🙂

Podcast Editors and Transcribers

Planning, recording, editing and transcribing the Conservation Careers podcast is also a team effort. Our podcast team help with these key tasks so we can drop a new episode every two weeks.


Meet the team!

We are enormously grateful to our team for their passion, creativity and support. It’s thanks to this team that we’ve been able to support over 500,000 conservationists in 2020 on their path to helping wildlife thrive!

Tash Allen

Conservation Careers Blogger, Social Media Officer, Designer Australia
Superpower: Marine marketing master


Dr Nick Askew

Oundle, UK
Superpower: Ecopreneur who empowers action for wildlife


Cornwall, UK
Superpower: Helping conservationists to be better

Bethany Beale

Conservation Careers Blogger
Minehead, Somerset, UK
Superpower: Sustainability storyteller

Camilla Blasi Foglietti

Conservation Careers Blogger
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Superpower: Wild projects storyteller

Jamie Bolam

Social Media Officer, Conservation Careers Blogger
Superpower: Natural Networker


Bill Boteler

Conservation Careers Blogger, Researcher
Maryland, USA
Superpower: Conservation underdog advocate

Beccy Cookson

Social Media Officer
Isle of Man
Superpower: Harnessing psychology to market nature 

Nicosia, Cyprus
Superpower: Saving Cypriot birds

Matias De Ezcurra

Podcast Editor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Superpower: Audio-editor extraordinaire

Cambridge, UK and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Superpower: Communications and marketing powerhouse

Ecopreneur Partner
London, UK
Superpower: Conservation volunteering ecopreneur

Kristi Foster

Head of Engagement
Vancouver, Canada
Superpower: Conservation, communications, and ecotourism powerhouse

Badajoz, Spain
Superpower: Career support wizard

Institutional Partner
Cornwall, UK
Superpower: Marine conservation King

Lloyd Gofton

Course Leader: Communications
Brighton, UK
Superpower: Communications Machine

Superpower: Marine protector

Charlie Gulliford

Conservation Careers Blogger, Job Poster
Superpower: Connecting people for wildlife

Mike Henshall

Conservation Careers Blogger
Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Superpower: Protected areas champion

Kate Holub-Young

Social Media Officer
Superpower: Environmental science communicator

Partner Australia Superpower: Witty conservation blogger

Nick Huisman

Job Poster
Superpower: Project developer and quality keeper

Emma Hunter

Conservation Careers Blogger
Christchurch, New Zealand
Superpower: Marine conservation wordsmith 

Catherine Hunter

Conservation Careers Blogger
South Wales, UK
Superpower: Ecology educator

Moses Kairu

Job poster
Nairobi, Kenya
Superpower: Helping businesses succeed

Sarah Kennerley

Job Poster, Researcher
Bristol, UK
Superpower: Sharing data for ecology

Sophie Kooros

Social Media Officer
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Superpower: Behaviour ecology advocate

Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Superpower: Adventurous amphibian advocate


Social Media Officer
 London, UK
Superpower: Helping conservation charities succeed


Valentina Lesari

Job Poster
Macerata, MC, Italy
Superpower: Conservation Job Queen

Partner Johannesburg, South Africa Superpower: Protecting Africa’s Birds

Freya Marshall

Social Media Officer
Edinburgh, Scotland
Superpower: Video Trailer Producer Extraordinaire


Gemma Marshall | Discover Wild Nature

Ecopreneur Partner
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Superpower: Raising funds for conservation

Course Leader: Kick-Starter
Czech Republic
Superpower: Creative communicator, encouraging connector (and extreme adventurer) El Capitan.

Lesley Morris

Nottingham, UK
Superpower: Data cruncher

Hiral Naik

Job Poster
South Africa
Superpower: Saving Frogs

Ruby Nicholas

Conservation Careers Blogger Birmingham, UK Superpower: Conservation Interviewer

Katie O'Sullivan

Researcher Mwanza, Tanzania Superpower: Conservation information cruncher

Anthony Ochieng (aka Tony Wild)

Conservation Careers Blogger
Nairobi, Kenya
Superpower: Inspiring photographic educator

Javier Oñate Casado

Madrid, Spain / Prague, Czech Republic
Superpower: Collaborative rersearcher

Naomi Paine

Conservation Careers Blogger
London, UK
Superpower: Turning words into action

Ecopreneur Partner
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Superpower: Sustainability Innovator

Ecopreneur Partner
Cambridge, UK
Superpower: Project Strategy Guru

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Superpower: Outside-the-box-thinker

Aamna Raffat

Podcast Editor and Transcriber
Ranchi, India
Superpower: Transcription queen

Jasmine Rees

Conservation Careers Blogger
West Sussex, UK
Superpower: Conservation reporter

Kath Retourne

Conservation Careers Blogger Montserrat, West Indies Superpower: Globetrotter with keyboard and impact

Madre de Dios, Peru
Superpower: Empowering people to protect their environment

Charlotte Rixon

Haringey, London, UK
Superpower: Juggler of motherhood and blogging

Stefanie Rog

Arnhem, Netherlands
Superpower: Jack of all trades, master of all

Instutitional Parter
Cambridge, UK
Superpower: Legend in his lunchtime

Ella Schirru

Social Media Officer
Adelaide, South Australia
Superpower: Ocean science educator

Maddy Simmonds

Conservation Careers Blogger Falmouth, Cornwall, UK Superpower: Conservation wordsmith

Norwich, UK
Superpower: Blogging powerhouse (in a good way)

Polly Stevens

Social Media Officer
Bristol, England
Superpower: Harnessing journalism and marketing for the environment

Placencia Peninsula, Belize
Superpower: Crocodile Advocate

Electra Touliatou

Conservation Careers Blogger
Plymouth, UK
Superpower: Conservation writer extraordinaire

Partner Jangamo District, Inhambane, Mozambique Superpower: Force for good


Social Media Officer
Superpower: Facebook queen

Ecopreneur Partner, Partner
Edinburgh, UK
Superpower: Wise by name, wise for nature

Jenna Woodford

Conservation Careers Blogger
Norfolk, UK
Superpower: Empowering disabled conservationists