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Emmanuel G. Smith’s role as Project Coordinator working for the Society for Conservation of Nature in Liberia (SCNL) has been key in promoting alternative livelihood programmes such as beekeeping and sustainable cocoa farming to support local communities and protect the Gola forest of Liberia. His work has been central in helping with the establishment of a community forest, which will  function as an important biodiversity corridor, linking
Do you have an overzealous case of wanderlust AND a burning passion for conservation? Why not fuse them in an ecotourism career that offers the best of both worlds? We’ve designed this Ultimate Guide like a travel guidebook – to give you a glimpse of some of the exciting adventures in store if you embark
How can working with and empowering local communities support long-term conservation? What makes community-based conservation successful? In this free webinar from Conservation Careers we’ll speak with guest Tom Graham, Co-Founder of MAD Travel, about why local and Indigenous communities matter in wildlife conservation and how we can work together to achieve greater impact.
 Dr Lynne MacTavish’s work has influenced many across the world. As operations manager of Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, she has given 20 years of major contributions to wildlife conservation in South Africa. Besides helping her father run the reserve, Lynne is the Principal Investigator onsite for Earthwatch, has co-authored 17 publications, coordinates visiting students and Earthwatch groups and rehabilitates orphaned animals in need.   
Do you want the best advice to land a job in wildlife conservation? At Conservation Careers we’ve interviewed over 500 professional conservationists and shared their stories and advice on our Careers Advice Blog and Podcast. But in this special podcast with The Guide to Mindful Conservation: Dancing in Pink Hiking Boots, we hear from Conservation
Today we’re speaking to Anthony Ochieng, or Tony Wild as he is often known. Tony is a Kenyan-born wildlife ecologist, conservation photographer, traveller, educator and explorer. He is a busy man! I’ve been following Tony’s work for the past three years and his photography of conservation projects is truly inspiring. He has quickly and rightly
Have you ever wanted to pursue your creativity and conservation at the same time? Would you love to combine diverse passions in one meaningful career? Juliana Corrales is a Creative Consultant (Design and Communications) who grew up in Costa Rica before launching her international career. Today she helps marine NGOs like The Ocean Acidification (OA)
Orchids may be delicate, but they need tough conservationists to stand up for them.  The Colombian Andes are home to the highest number of orchid species in the world – and the highest number of threatened species. Together with the rest of the tropical Andes, this global biodiversity hotspot will face the greatest effects of
Sophie Pavelle is an adventurous zoologist and science communicator currently working for the Beaver Trust. Here she talks about the growing niche of science communication, how she got to where she is and her advice for others. What is the Beaver Trust?  The Beaver Trust is a small charity which has only been up and
Are you searching for more meaning in your career? We monitored conservation jobs worldwide for two weeks to give a snapshot of the opportunities for career switchers, and we were blown away by the results. There are more conservation jobs available for career switchers than you’ve probably imagined, and career switcher skills are often in demand. If you
Have you considered a career as an Ecological Consultant or Consultant Ecologist? Here, BSG Ecology provides guidance to students, graduates and early-career ecologists on the skill sets you might seek to develop, and how to set yourself apart from your peers in the job market. Background Ecological consultancies vary in the way in which they
How would you like to help save species on the brink? Meet Rikki Gumbs, a postdoctoral research scientist the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)’s Edge of Existence programme. EDGE seeks to identify and conserve evolutionarily unique species on the verge of extinction, from pygmy hippos to pangolins, plus many evolutionary underdogs you’ve probably never heard