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Latest Conservation Careers Advice Articles

Join our Live Q&A with Conservation Careers!

By Conservation Careers | September 16, 2020

How do you stand out when applying for jobs? Should you invest in more education? Do you need to start over to switch careers into conservation? Where do you start..?! Join us for a live Q&A event with Founder and Director of Conservation Careers, Dr Nick Askew, and Head of Engagement, Kristi Foster, as they

The Boundless Survival Potential of Butterflies

By Celine Hashweh | September 15, 2020

Dr. Jane Hill is a professor and deputy head of the Biology Department at the University of York. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to protect ecosystems led her to explore the impacts of habitat fragmentation and climate change on temperate and tropical insect biodiversity. Research in Hill’s lab does not stop there; she also works on

Working from the Heart of a South African Reserve – An Interview with Jarryd Foster

By Charlie Gulliford | September 11, 2020

Wildlife ACT is an award-winning wildlife conservation organisation running Critically Endangered and priority species conservation projects in South Africa. They provide wildlife monitoring services and state-of-the-art animal tracking and anti-poaching equipment at no charge to several reserves across KwaZulu-Natal, working closely with many other global conservation organisations, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Endangered

Kick-Start your Career with Conservation Careers in Shropshire, UK!

By Conservation Careers | September 10, 2020

Are you a job-seeker, career-switcher or career explorer seeking to work in wildlife conservation? Join Conservation Careers in person from 20th – 21st March 2021 in Shropshire, UK for our next Conservation Career Kick-Starter! Give your conservation career a huge boost with a unique two-day in-person training course designed to help you understand the job

Female Empowerment for Medellín’s Future

By Megan Harwell | September 8, 2020

In the second-most biodiverse country in the world, one organization is giving young women the skills they need to help create a more sustainable future. Colombia is a beautiful country with a complicated history. During a 50-year civil war, many people were displaced and ended up in cities like Medellin. However, poverty, domestic violence and

Conservation Jobs and COVID-19 | Start of the Green Recovery?

By Conservation Careers | September 2, 2020

As conservation career opportunities rebound, conservationists and organisations who understand their ‘niche’, innovate and adapt can survive – or even thrive.  In March 2020 the global COVID-19 pandemic froze international travel, halted recruitment and sent the conservation industry into a sudden standstill. In April 2020, a survey of 330 conservationists by Conservation Careers showed that

Life on the Front Line | Vital Research to Conserve Endangered Lives 

By Ruby Nicholas | August 31, 2020

Melissa Dawson’s lifelong passion and enthusiasm for biology and conservation has led her to a slice of bushveld heaven. In South Africa lies Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, a small family business with over 500 species from Giraffe to Dung beetles. They focus on the importance of research and education within conservation.  Melissa first visited the reserve

Environmental Entrepreneur: Sustainability Coach helps Caribbean Businesses

By Conservation Careers | August 27, 2020

Have you ever considered a career helping businesses manage natural resources, conserve biodiversity, adapt to climate change or become more sustainable? Tracey Edwards is a Sustainability Coach and Entrepreneur from Jamaica and founder of Plakortis, an environmental sustainability coaching service for businesses across Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. With over 15 years experience in the

A Champion of Plants – An interview with Matt Candeias, Botanist and Creator of the ‘In Defense of Plants’ Podcast

By Naomi Yamamoto | August 24, 2020

“Plants are these primary producers that can take energy from the stars and turn it into food, and when you’re considering things from a conservation perspective I think it just makes sense to make them the centre point.”   Within conservation, plants are a vital but often overlooked component and the hugely energetic Matt Candeias is on a mission to change that. 

A whale shark swims under the Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks boat

How to Scuba Dive Into an Epic Ecotourism Job

By Tash Allen | August 20, 2020

The ethos of ecotourism is about sharing the beauty of the natural world and the creatures within it. It should cultivate understanding, appreciation and conservation of the environment and culture. The outcome being tangible benefits for conservation and for local communities. In some parts of the world, this takes form in the shape of scuba

The Journey of a Behavioural Ecologist Conservation Biologist

By Maria Chaney | August 17, 2020

David Fernandez is a behavioural ecologist conservation biologist. Behavioural ecologists play an important role in conservation. Behaviour links organisms and the environment and is a fundamental aspect of animal life. Changes to the environment can affect animal behaviour. For instance, the food available in degraded and pristine ecosystems might differ, which could in turn affect

Saving the Elephants in Laos

By Beth Beale | August 12, 2020

The Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) does incredible work preserving the Laotian elephant population in the wild and under human care. The ECC in Laos currently have 32 elephants, and with a range of different conservation initiatives including education and reproduction, the ECC is working hard to save them. In this interview, ECC’s biologist, Anabel Lopez

Marine Conservation Jobs | Protecting the Blue Planet

By Conservation Careers | August 11, 2020

Do you want a marine conservation career but don’t know where to begin? Are you unsure whether you can ever compete for a marine conservation job? In this Ultimate Guide, we’ll walk you (ahem, paddle you…) through all the information about the marine conservation sector you need to find the right job for you and

Saving the Planet One Plant at a Time

By Bill Boteler | August 6, 2020

They may not have cuddly fur or feathers, but plants are crucial to the planet and its ecosystems and to us. Carlos Magdalena is the Tropical Senior Botanical Horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the largest botanical collection in the world. He has rescued several rare plants from extinction including Café Marron, brought back from

Sail to the Ecotourism Job of Your Dreams

By Tash Allen | August 5, 2020

Ecotourism is all about creating and promoting sustainable travel opportunities around the world. It’s about showing off the natural world and its amazing inhabitants. With the aim of fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation! It helps to deliver real benefits for local communities and conservation. This is arguably one of the most important


Join us! We’re Celebrating Diversity in Conservation

By Conservation Careers | August 5, 2020

At Conservation Careers, we believe in conserving biodiversity through diversity. We urgently need more perspectives, voices, ideas and expertise to create a world in which wildlife thrives. Celebrating Diversity in Conservation is a new initiative to share careers advice from professional conservationists from every corner of the planet. Our ultimate goal is to showcase conservationists from

Hurry! Join the Conservation Careers Instagram Launch

By Conservation Careers | August 3, 2020

The time has come! We’re getting more social and joining all the fun and games on Instagram. We’ve heard it’s where the party’s at. We’re here to help conservationists achieve career success and a world where wildlife thrives! Does that sound like something you’re into? Join the tribe! What we’ll be sharing Stop scrolling! We’ll

Become a “Marine Champion” with the North Wales Wildlife Trust

By Charlotte Taylor | July 29, 2020

Eve Grayson, a wildlife conservationist for the North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT), shares her experiences working with the trust and offers advice for those looking for a career in conservation. Eve and the rest of the team based in Anglesey and Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, hope that all readers will find the motivation and drive to

Podcast: Dr Kerry Kriger | SAVE THE FROGS!

By Conservation Careers | July 27, 2020

Today we’re talking to Dr. Kerry Kriger, the Founder and Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS! Kerry is a powerhouse in the amphibian world, having set up an organisation to help save threatened frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians across the world. And he’s got his work cut out. Of the seven and a half


Webinar | Conservation Internships & Volunteering that Won’t Break the Bank

By Conservation Careers | July 24, 2020

Is money holding you back from conservation internships or volunteering? Does conservation seem like a field for the elite? What if you could get the experience you need to break into conservation without breaking the bank? In this free webinar from Conservation Careers, Dr Nick Askew and Kristi Foster bust the myth that conservationists should

James Nikitine

Giving the Ocean the Recognition it Deserves | An Interview with James Nikitine

By Emma Hunter | July 20, 2020

“We come from the Ocean; we are all 80% water”. James Nikitine’s passion and determination to protect the world’s oceans can be traced right back to childhood. It began with family holidays in Corsica: scrambling down craggy rocks, bare legs scratched by dense scrub, the intense heat of the Mediterranean sun beating down, all the

“Rewilding people” with Citizen Zoo | An interview with Elliot Newton

By Camilla Blasi Foglietti | July 15, 2020

You may think of rewilding primarily as the reintroduction of large mammals to areas where they have gone extinct. For Elliot Newton and his team at Citizen Zoo, rewilding is more than just that.  Yes, it’s about reintroducing key missing species and creating suitable habitats for them to thrive, but it’s also about rewilding people.

How is COVID-19 impacting the conservation industry? Take our survey!

By Conservation Careers | July 13, 2020

The conservation sector is unlike any other, and it’s being impacted uniquely by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020 we published articles on Conservation Careers and Mongabay featuring the impact of COVID-19 on the conservation industry. We’re now seeking insights from conservationists and employers to understand how the community is coping with and responding

Podcast: Sue Searle | Ecology Training UK

By Conservation Careers | July 13, 2020

Do you enjoy getting out into the field, identifying plants, animals, insects and more? And would you like to be paid for doing this and spend your career surveying for protected species and habitats whilst implementing the law to identify and avoid harmful impacts on them? Then a career as an ecological consultant might be

Obligate Scavengers: A Tale of Vulture Conservation with José Tavares

By Celine Hashweh | July 13, 2020

A tragedy has befallen many species of vultures. They have become collateral victims of poisoning incidents and human activities. Their numbers are significantly declining in Africa and Asia and many places on earth are lacking sufficient scavenging by “nature’s clean-up crew”. So says José Tavares, director of the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Europe’s leading organisation working

Working in Zoo Conservation

By Ellie Caskey | July 8, 2020

Bristol Zoological Society (BZS) uses scientific research to conduct and support conservation efforts in five continents across the globe. With high emphasis on the importance of implementing sustainable solutions to promote species and ecosystem survival.  Dr Grainne McCabe is at the head of the amazing conservation projects carried out by BZS. This interview provides a

How To Be A Marine Conservationist & Ocean Entrepreneur

By Tash Allen | July 6, 2020

Do you want a job in marine conservation? We have good news for you. There are more options to go down than just the traditional routes to starting a career in marine conservation! Think outside the box, and you could become an ocean entrepreneur and start up your own business. Sounds scary? You’re not the

Thai-ing Conservation and Education Together: The Traidhos Barge Program

By Maddy Simmonds | July 2, 2020

Kirsty Shakespeare is the head of the Traidhos Barge Program in Bangkok, Thailand which aims to educate and connect people with their environment and raise awareness of environmental issues. In this interview Kirsty talks about what her role entails, how she got to where she is and her advice for others. Can you start by

Shark Girl Madison uses photography and videography to help save sharks

Seize the Day and Save Sharks With Shark Girl Madison

By Tash Allen | June 30, 2020

Madison Stewart, AKA Shark Girl Madison is a woman on a mission to save the ocean’s most misunderstood inhabitants: sharks. She was 2019’s Australian Geographic Society’s Young Conservationist of the Year. She’s been campaigning for over ten years. She’s been successful at lobbying the government to shut down shark fisheries. She’s helped stop supermarkets from


Podcast: Honor Wilson-Fletcher | British Exploring Society

By Conservation Careers | June 29, 2020

Do you yearn for adventure? Do you enjoy discovering hidden corners of the globe and enjoy spending time immersed in nature? Then you will love the British Exploring Society. It is an amazing organisation that takes young people to extraordinary destinations, both in terms of the places they visit and also in their own lives.

Webinar | Professional and Personal Communications

By Conservation Careers | June 29, 2020

Effective Communication for Conservationists  Has this ever happened to you? You began a conversation, interview or meeting with a great outcome in mind, but left feeling like you made a bad impression or missed an opportunity? Wouldn’t it be great if you could sharpen your skills to navigate any conversation effectively? In this webinar from

Running a Butterfly (and Cockroach) Sanctuary

By Bill Boteler | June 25, 2020

The Monteverde Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica have been teaching people about Costa Rica’s insects and arachnids for over 20 years. On a mission to change the way people think about small, misunderstood creatures, they host tours and offer 10-week internships for people who want to learn how to convey scientific and conservation knowledge. In

For Parrot Conservationist Bonnie Zimmermann – Anything is Possible

By Bill Boteler | June 22, 2020

The Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP) and their Indonesian counterpart, Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia (KKI),  work collaboratively to protect the parrots of Indonesia. Established in 2001 by Dr Stewart Metz and originally known as Project Bird Watch, the organisation focuses efforts on conservation and education.   Conservation efforts take many forms, from Critically Endangered species protection programmes to rescue, rehabilitation and release (via Indonesian-based centre, Kembalis Bebas), to community awareness

Standing tall for Giraffe Conservation | Part 2

By Ellie Caskey | June 18, 2020

In this second instalment of Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) interviews, Veterinarian Sara Ferguson provides an in-depth account of the day-today threats faced by giraffe in Murchison National Park, Uganda. Home to the largest population of giraffe in Uganda, the National Park is the central focus point for the vital efforts carried out by the GCF, who partner with the Uganda Wildlife


Podcast: Jon Paul Rodríguez | IUCN Species Survival Commission

By Conservation Careers | June 15, 2020

Jon Paul Rodríguez is an award-winning Venezuelan conservationist who wears many hats. As Co-Founder of local NGO Provita, he spearheaded work to nearly triple the number of Endangered Yellow-Shouldered Parrots in the wild, winning the Whitley Gold Award in 2019 in the process. More recently, he was elected as the first non-European and non-North American Chair of

Standing Tall for Giraffe Conservation | Part 1

By Ellie Caskey | June 15, 2020

In this first instalment of interviews with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, conservation ecologist Michael Butler Brown explores how science and diverse perspectives contribute to giraffe conservation. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is a globally operational organisation working towards saving giraffe in the wild. Using science to navigate conservation-based strategies and initiatives to best support wild giraffe populations.


Podcast: Daniel Quilter | Fuze Ecoteer

By Conservation Careers | June 1, 2020

Daniel Quilter fell in love with Malaysia, its wildlife and people during a field trip while at University. He quickly returned and in many ways never looked back. Since 2005, has been setting up eco enterprises which are businesses which help people and the planet. During this podcast we talk about Fuze Ecoteer, a Malaysian based

Working in Ecological Consultancy – Claire Wansbury – Atkins

By Catherine Hunter | June 1, 2020

Claire Wansbury is the Associate Director of Ecology at Atkins, a large engineering and environmental consultancy. Most of her time is spent advising on the protection of wildlife on major infrastructure projects such as road schemes and railways. She also works on introducing new approaches within the industry, like Biodiversity Net Gain and Natural Capital

Free Video Training Series | How to get a Conservation Job

By Conservation Careers | May 26, 2020

Are you an aspiring conservationist struggling to successfully secure a job in this wonderful, but highly competitive sector? Are you stuck for ideas on how to best prepare yourself for your dream career? Fear no more! We’re here to help with our upcoming FREE video training series, How to get a Conservation Job, starting on

Connecting kids with nature: On Safari with Nala

By Kathleen Retourne | May 25, 2020

The camera pans across the vast expanse of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Game animals take flight from the approaching vehicle. Dramatic skies flash past as the bush, a multitude of greens, blurs alongside. Nala Malan appears in shot, gives a toothy grin to the camera, and begins her narrative.  Naturally charismatic and clearly passionate, she speaks

Working to save Gunung Palung Orangutans

By Ellie Caskey | May 22, 2020

Victoria Gehrke’s career has taken her half way across the world as Programme Director at the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project deep in the forests of Indonesian Borneo. However, travelling for the job is not something uncommon for Victoria. Previously she worked on lemur conservation research in Madagascar, coral reef restoration in Honduras, and as a

Podcast: Kate Stephenson | Kate on Conservation

By Conservation Careers | May 18, 2020

Have you thought about starting a blog? Are you passionate about writing and communicating and want to share your thoughts, experiences and opinions? Will it make a difference?  Kate Stephenson did just this nine years ago when she started her blog, Kate on Conservation. Now her award winning blog highlights important conservation issues, individuals and organisations and tries

Virtual Field Trips: The Way Forward

By Conservation Careers | May 12, 2020

Students at Portsmouth University, UK, didn’t allow COVID-19 to ruin their big field trip to Malaysia. They organised a virtual trip. They collected field data which they can use for their university field course module and learnt about conservation issues in Malaysia.  This shows when there is a will there is a way. The students

Keeping “Elephants Alive” | An interview with Anka Bedetti

By Ellie Caskey | May 11, 2020

For over two decades Elephants Alive has been monitoring and researching one of the largest populations of elephants in South Africa. This work is vital during a time where elephant numbers are under immense pressure from habitat restriction, human-elephant conflict and poaching.  Anka Bedetti joined Elephants Alive in 2016 as the Tracking and ID Study

Webinar | Professional and Personal Communications

By Conservation Careers | May 10, 2020

Has this ever happened to you? You began a conversation, interview or meeting with a great outcome in mind, but left feeling like you made a bad impression or missed an opportunity? Wouldn’t it be great if you could sharpen your skills to navigate any conversation effectively? In this free webinar from Conservation Careers, we’ll

No substitute for getting your hands dirty

By Michael Henshall | May 7, 2020

Sabelo Lindani is one of the more experienced conservationists in Cape Town, South Africa, with experience in both the governmental and private sector of conservation. In 2017 he started his own company (Contour Enviro Group) and now employs 25 other up and coming and experienced conservationists. Together they offer government and private clients Wilderness and

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation: How Conservation Continues During a Crisis 

By Bethany Richmond | May 4, 2020

Anne-Gaëlle Carré works as the Assistant Coordinator on the pink pigeon project with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The species she works with, and many others that the foundation supports, is dependent upon intensive conservation efforts for its survival. To put it bluntly, without constant input from Anne-Gaëlle and her team, the pink pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri) would likely become extinct.  In

Webinar | How to find career happiness?

By Conservation Careers | May 3, 2020

Are you struggling or unhappy in your career? Do you need help to get moving in the right direction? Would you love to thrive in your work? In this free webinar we’ll talk to GP, executive coach and speaker Dr Rachel Morris about How to Find Career Happiness. Dr Rachel Morris specialises in resilience in

Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Calling all Students!

By Conservation Careers | May 1, 2020

Are you a conservation student wondering what you’ll do when you graduate? Would you like to get a jump-start on navigating the conservation sector, finding your ideal job and fast-tracking your job search? Or maybe you know a great Bachelor’s, Degree or Master’s programme that could benefit from some additional career transition support? At Conservation Careers,

How to unlock your career during lockdown

By Kristi Foster | April 27, 2020

Upside-down. Frozen. Stalled. Lost. The COVID-19 pandemic has put everything from university fieldwork and planned internships to job offers on hold, and left many conservationists feeling uncertain about their futures. It’s hard to accept when big plans are pulled from our grasp, when our hard-earned savings take a hit, or when a door slams shut

Conservation in the time of COVID

By Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah | April 27, 2020

Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah, Chief Executive of Nature Seychelles, explores the unhealthy relationship with nature that led to the COVID-19 health pandemic; it’s impacts on ecosystems, local economies and conservation; and new opportunities like sustainable tourism and changes in governance. Origin Story (Zoo: English = of animal; noses: Greek = disease) In 2006, in an


Podcast: Mark Rose | Fauna & Flora International

By Conservation Careers | April 21, 2020

How do you grow a conservation organisation from 5 staff to over 500 in just over two decades? Why might Greta Thunberg be wrong to avoid air travel, and how is the conservation industry changing the way it hires staff in the 21st century?   I discuss these issues and many more with today’s guest Mark Rose – Chief Executive Officer – Fauna &

Why recycling for conservation is no waste of time

By Kathleen Retourne | April 21, 2020

The sun was already fierce, and it had yet to hit noon. Despite the heat, the streets of Livingstone, Zambia, were alive with people. Songs filled the air, gangs of children chattered excitedly, women in bright chitenge skirts smiled and joined the teeming throng of humans.   This was not a festival. It was a community litter pick. Along with hundreds of other community

Inspiring local communities in Africa to support lion conservation

By Anthony Ochieng | April 20, 2020

“Local people should be at the forefront of the solutions to the challenges facing their wildlife. Sometimes, change can only come when the people most affected and impacted take charge. Local communities play an important role in fighting poaching and illegal wildlife trade, which are major threats affecting lions and other wildlife.” – Moreangels Mbizah  Moreangles Mbizah

Conservation community hit hard by COVID-19: Why the planet’s guardians need support now

By Conservation Careers | April 14, 2020

With health and economic impacts at the forefront of global concerns, what’s happening to the people whose job it is to protect the future of our health, wealth and wellbeing – the planet?    Rangers and researchers, fundraisers and filmmakers worldwide seek little recognition as guardians of the planet for future generations – the oceans we

African conservation efforts hit by Covid-19, illegal trade under scrutiny

By Kathleen Retourne | April 13, 2020

COVID-19’s arrival in Africa will have disastrous repercussions for the local staff employed in conservation and the animals they protect. It does, however, highlight the danger of illegal wildlife trading and adds pressure for governments to act.   Throughout Africa, conservation and wildlife tourism is primarily staffed by local Africans; guides, anti-poaching units, educators, drivers, cleaners, chefs, to name but a few. These people rely on the income to

How COVID-19 is changing the face of African conservation and how you can help

By Kathleen Retourne | April 9, 2020

Organisations tell Conservation Careers the challenges they are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak and how to help the industry at a time when it needs you the most.  At the start of the year, COVID-19 or Coronavirus, was starting to hit headlines. Fast-forward to April and the unprecedented global outbreak and repercussions have taken many by surprise.

Nick Askew and Fernando Mateos González

Podcast: Fernando Mateos González |

By Conservation Careers | March 30, 2020

Don’t let anyone talk you away from your dreams says conservation biologist and today’s guest Dr. Fernando Mateos González. In his free time Fernando (‘Nando’) runs where he helps students and early career professionals find their dream environmental role. Whether it’s sharing job offers internships, volunteer opportunities and more Nando loves helping up and coming biologists. In

Conservation Careers advice from WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini

By Conservation Careers | March 24, 2020

Conservation Careers speaks to the top person in global conservation – WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini. He shares his passion for wildlife, his career story of how he started out as a volunteer for WWF and ended up as their Director General, and provides advice and hope for people looking to start working in


Podcast: Emily Daniels | WiseOceans

By Conservation Careers | March 16, 2020

Would you love to work in marine conservation but you don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to find work or do you dream of switching your career into Blue Planet conservation? During this WiseOceans podcast we’re speaking to Emily Daniels from WiseOceans. Emily has always had a sense of adventure and this led

Wrong Way Sign

Avoid These Mistakes in your Conservation Job Hunt

By Conservation Careers | March 10, 2020

Are you doing everything you possibly can to land a conservation job, but not having any success? Are you considering a career in conservation in the near future and wondering how to fast-track your steps to employment? Or perhaps you’d like to switch careers into conservation and you’re wondering what the best approach is? It’s

Podcast: Nick Bubb | Fauna & Flora International

By Conservation Careers | March 2, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to switch careers into conservation, maybe moving from banking, marketing or law and supply your trade in an effort to save nature? Well, that’s what today’s guest has done in this special Fauna & Flora International podcast. Nick Bubb is the Business Development Director at Fauna & Flora

Top Conservation Scholarships | Your ticket to Training, Experiences, Research & Projects

By Conservation Careers | February 25, 2020

At Conservation Careers we’re on a mission to help conservationists achieve career success, and create a world where wildlife thrives. We believe all conservationists should be able to pursue the best training opportunities, have the best experiences, conduct meaningful research and lead impactful conservation projects to boost their careers and ultimately help wildlife thrive. But

Turtle Conservation in Malaysia – Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

By Conservation Careers | February 24, 2020

Bella Jack works as the Project Co-ordinator and Tanjong Jara Site Co-Manager for Lang Tengah Turtle Watch (LTTW), a small conservation organisation based on the East coast of Malaysia. LTTW was founded in 2014 with the aim to help save sea turtles from extinction, and to date has expanded to work on three different project

Kickter course attendees

Conservation Career Kick-Starter Course

By Conservation Careers | February 21, 2020

Feeling lost in your conservation job hunt? Want to work in conservation, but don’t know where to start? Get your career on track with the Conservation Career Kick-Starter is designed to help you understand the job market, to navigate your career options, and to get hired more quickly. Whether you’re at university and planning your


Podcast: Francesca Trotman | Love the Oceans

By Conservation Careers | February 17, 2020

In this Love the Oceans podcast we’re talking to someone whose drive, passion and achievements in a short space of time have just blown me away. Francesca Trotman is the Managing Director and Founder of ‘Love the Oceans’, an organisation seeking to create a marine protected area off the coast of Mozambique. Fran first visited


Podcast: Ada Grabowska-Zhang | University of Oxford

By Conservation Careers | February 4, 2020

Are you interested in switching careers into conservation? Or perhaps you completed some studies and you wish you’d done something more conservation-y instead? So how do you transition across and how do you reskill? Today we’re talking to Dr Ada Grabowska-Zhang, from the University of Oxford. Ada is the Course Director for the Postgraduate Certificate

Podcast: Chris Thompson | Audley Travel

By Kristi Foster | January 31, 2020

Are you working in something totally unrelated to conservation and dreaming of switching into a career helping wildlife to flourish? Well that’s exactly what today’s guest has done successfully, and right in at the top. Dominic Jermey OBE worked as a senior British diplomat for over 20 years in countries such as East Timor and

Video | Marine Conservation Careers

By Conservation Careers | January 29, 2020

Would you love to work in marine conservation, but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to find work, or dream of switching careers into the deep blue? During this live event, we spoke to leading marine conservationists to answer your questions about marine conservation careers. Marine Conservation Careers Topics covered include: What are


Meet the Top Conservation Training Opportunities worldwide!

By Conservation Careers | January 21, 2020

At Conservation Careers we’re on a mission to help conservationists find the best training opportunities to launch or boost their careers. That’s why we’re sharing the Top Conservation Training Opportunities worldwide, based on transparent reviews from current and past students. The list of Top Conservation Training Opportunities is drawn from over 1,300 conservation training opportunities

Join us for a Marine Conservation Careers webinar!

By Conservation Careers | January 19, 2020

Would you love to work in marine conservation, but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to find work, or dream of switching careers into the deep blue? Join us for a free live event on Monday 27th January when we’ll speak to leading marine conservationists to answer your questions about how to start


Podcast: Victoria Price | Vision Wild

By Conservation Careers | January 13, 2020

This week we’re talking to Victoria Price from Vision Wild, a new organization which designs, implements and evaluates wildlife conservation projects. In this podcast we discuss how to create a successful project and share tips for how to fundraise for conservation projects. We also explore the importance of project management skills for career development. If

Advice from The Conservationist Island Girl

By Patrick Pester | January 6, 2020

Mauritian conservationist and Fulbright Scholar Véronique Couttee talks about the challenges faced by local staff in conservation, her six-year scholarship journey and her blog – The Conservationist Island Girl. How did you begin your conservation career? “I always liked nature but growing up I didn’t know that could even be a career. I ended up

Lana Müller

Carnivores, communities and conservancies in Africa: An interview with Lana Müller

By Michael Henshall | December 26, 2019

Lana Müller has been involved in carnivore research and community-based conservation for almost a decade and has experience working in multiple National Parks and community conservancies across Africa. She has been instrumental in the on-going success of organisations like the Cape Leopard Trust and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. She is currently the Operations and

Podcast: Dr Nick Askew | Conservation Careers

By Conservation Careers | December 24, 2019

Welcome to this special extended edition of the podcast. Today we’re turning the tables slightly and talking about, well us; Conservation Careers. We thought it would be a good end to the year and to the decade to look back at the journey of Conservation Careers over the past six years and also to look forwards to

Purposefully lost: The story of Manon, a woman for nature

By Valentina Iesari | December 23, 2019

In this interview, we’re acknowledging women for nature, the thousands of women around the globe who strive to make the world a better place in the conservation sector.   Manon Mispiratceguy is one such woman and Programme Assistant – Purposefully Lost at Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve, a 1000 hectare wildlife estate in South Africa.   In

Conservation Careers | Highlights from 2019

By Conservation Careers | December 18, 2019

Since Conservation Careers officially launched in 2013, we haven’t stopped learning, growing and innovating – even for a second! This year is no exception – we’ve developed a new conservation training board, ultimate guides, live webinars, and a brand new membership scheme. As we look ahead to a new year, we wanted to reflect on

Emily Stevenson: Creating a Stronger Community Through Beach Cleaning

By Rosie Brown | December 16, 2019

It was a crisp autumn afternoon when I first met Emily Stevenson, Co-Founder of the Beach Guardian. Beach Guardian is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that holds beach cleaning events across several beaches in North Cornwall, which is in the Southwest of the UK. At just 22 years old, as well as running the Beach


Podcast: Andrea Pawel | Oana Namibia

By Conservation Careers | December 9, 2019

Oana wildlife reserve in the deep south of Namibia is 45,000 hectares of breath-taking mountainous semi-desert. Home to a previously unknown population of leopards, the reserve encompasses 50km of the lush Orange River, which is a wildlife refuge amid the extensive hues of orange and red rocky and sandy plains. For the past three and

TOP US Conservation Organizations

By Conservation Careers | December 5, 2019

At Conservation Careers we’ve helped a huge diversity of Conservation Organizations working in or out of the United States, and come across many more. As we expand into the US ourselves (sharing the latest conservation jobs in the US), we thought it would be useful to share our list of Top US Conservation Organizations. The list

Write to win the trip of a lifetime | One month left to become a Travel Blogger of the Year!

By Conservation Careers | December 4, 2019

Calling all writers, bloggers, journalists, communications professionals and aspiring storytellers! Are you passionate about ethical travel, ecotourism or conservation? Would you love to give your career a boost while winning amazing prizes? This is YOUR opportunity! Conservation Careers is partnering with Terra Incognita’s the ethical ecotourism community to find and award the next Travel Blogger

Learning how to solve Wildlife Conservation Crime Scenes!

By Nick Huisman | December 2, 2019

Every year, thousands of animals are killed by poachers that get away with it, due to the lack of evidence. Starting next year, the worlds of Crime Scene Investigation and Wildlife Conservation come together to tackle this problem at the very first Wildlife Forensic Academy!    Andro Vos is the founder and CEO of the Wildlife Forensic Academy, located


Podcast: Suzanne Smith | Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation

By Conservation Careers | November 25, 2019

When you think about the Amazon basin and the vast area of dense jungle and vegetation, do you think about seeing dolphins? Me neither. Today we’re talking to Suzanne Smith, the Executive Director and Founder of the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation. This is a charity set up in 2014 to conserve the species through

How to turn volunteering into a paid conservation job

By Brandon Fox Burgess | November 20, 2019

Luke Stahl is a hands-on conservationist who is not afraid to get close to venomous snakes, biting caymans and stinging wasps. He is currently a Senior Field Staff member for Crees, an organisation focused on education, research, and sustainability located in the Peruvian Amazon on the borders of Manu National Park. Luke is originally from Mornington, Victoria,

Video | Postgraduate Training for Conservation Careers

By Conservation Careers | November 18, 2019

Are you looking for the best postgraduate training to further your conservation career? Do you think you might need to do a Masters, Postgraduate Certificate or similar? During this live event, we spoke to leading Course Directors from Cambridge and Oxford Universities to answer your questions. Panel | Postgraduate Training for Conservation Careers Dr Nick


Do I need a Master’s Degree (to work in Conservation)?

By Conservation Careers | November 16, 2019

In the conservation sector, the question “Do I need a master’s degree to work in conservation?” is asked almost as often as ‘How do I get a conservation job?’, and for good reason. While undergraduate degrees used to set graduates far apart from the crowd, master’s degrees are becoming increasingly common. A Conservation Careers survey


Travel Blogger of the Year 2020 | Where’s your favourite place on Earth?

By Conservation Careers | November 11, 2019

Do you have a favourite place on Earth? Maybe it’s where you first set foot in a tropical rainforest, your senses overwhelmed by the rich life around you. Maybe it’s a dive site where you could spend hours exploring a reef. Or maybe it’s a special place in nature close to home that brings you


Podcast: Stacy Jupiter | Wildlife Conservation Society

By Conservation Careers | November 10, 2019

Have you ever dreamt about a career exploring the coral reefs of the south Pacific, diving in Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and all the lost corners of Papua New Guinea? Perhaps you’d love to spend time with the local communities whose lives depend on the health of their forests and fisheries, working in partnership

From Wilderness Ranger to Division Chief – A Wild Career!

By Nick Huisman | November 7, 2019

Garry Oye started his career in 1978 as a Wilderness Ranger in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho, USA. He worked for National Forests in Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and California, where his last two jobs with the National Forests were Group Leader for Wilderness, Rivers and Special Areas and District Ranger on the Inyo National


Join the Search for the World’s Top Conservation Training Opportunities!

By Conservation Careers | November 4, 2019

Do you know an amazing conservation training opportunity? Are you considering training to boost your career or wondering which course or programme is best for you? Join the search for the Top Conservation Training Opportunities in the world! “At Conservation Careers we’re searching for the world’s Top Conservation masters, degree/Bachelors, short courses and more, to

Can Postgraduate Training boost your Conservation Career?

By Conservation Careers | October 29, 2019

“Do I need a masters degree?” is one of the top questions we receive at Conservation Careers. If you’re considering a masters, Postgraduate Certificate or similar, or wondering where to find best training to further your conservation career, don’t miss our next webinar! On Wednesday 6th November we’ll host a free live event online, ‘Postgraduate


Podcast: Ben Sullivan | Fishtek Marine

By Conservation Careers | October 28, 2019

On average every five minutes an albatross dies accidentally behind a fishing boat. Caught on a hook set for a fish, entangled in a net or striking a tensioned wire. During this episode a number of albatrosses will die needlessly. Dr Ben Sullivan has dedicated his career to tackling similar marine conservation issues. Starting with a PhD

Caring for the Kakapo, New Zealand’s Endangered Parrot

By Marcia Welch | October 24, 2019

When you’re working alone in the bush the last thing you want to see is the outside toilet door opening, but for Department of Conservation ranger Ricki Mitchell, this was an intrusion of the avian variety. The kakapo. New Zealand’s critically endangered flightless parrot, and a welcome relief for her to say the least! After

Diving into Conservation, with Sharks!

By Nick Huisman | October 22, 2019

Since a young age Guido Leurs has been fascinated by wildlife. At first, he was into snakes and reptiles in general, heavily influenced by the late Steve Irwin. Later, his fascination moved to the underwater world and specifically towards sharks. This world inspired him so much that Guido decided to try and get into marine


Podcast: Applying for a Conservation Job – CVs and Resumes | Conservation Careers

By Conservation Careers | October 14, 2019

Competition when applying for a conservation job can be tough. The good news is that there are more jobs available than ever before. We list over 8,000 conservation jobs on our site each year and that continues to grow. The bad news is there are more people like you looking to work in the sector.

Conservation is a way of life!

By Nick Huisman | October 7, 2019

Bradley Schroder has worked in the Wildlife, Conservation and Tourism Industries for the past 27 years, and gained extensive experience in all departments related to the management of conservation areas. Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Welgevonden Game Reserve and Welgevonden Reaction Non-Profit Companies in South Africa. Recently he moved from

Conservation Careers | Six Years on…

By Conservation Careers | September 30, 2019

Conservation Careers was launched on 30th September 2013, so today we’re celebrating our sixth birthday! We felt it was a great time to reflect on the Conservation Careers journey so far, and look forward to where we might be going… The History of Conservation Careers I set up Conservation Careers following a diverse career spanning


How to switch careers into conservation | Your top ten questions answered

By Conservation Careers | September 24, 2019

Have you always had a passion for wildlife and want to work in nature conservation, but don’t know where to start? You might be working in a totally unrelated field right now, and need some clarity on what’s needed to switch careers into conservation. We’re here to help you understand the conservation job landscape, where

Testing out conservation | Honest insight from an intern in the Amazon

By Mackenzie McDermott | September 24, 2019

Before Ciara Morton could so much as spell biodiversity she was out in the wilderness searching for species. Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, Morton’s “hippy” parents were determined to share their love of the outdoors with their children. “[My parents would] always make [me and my siblings] look for species that were rare in an

Podcast: Rhett Butler | Mongabay

By Conservation Careers | September 16, 2019

Rhett Butler is the founder and CEO of Mongabay, one of the largest, longest running and most important environmental news sites online.  Rhett started the site just 20 years ago when an area of rainforest he had visited and enjoyed in Borneo was cut down just eight weeks later, logged down for woodchips to supply a