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Conservation Careers Blogger Beth Beale shares some positive impacts COVID-19 has had on the planet, and how we can keep supporting nature after the pandemic. 2020… What a year it has been! Despite concern over the uncertainty of what might happen to us all, the lockdowns caused by the Pandemic have actually been a welcome
This week we welcomed five new Social Media Officers to the Conservation Careers team as part-time, remote volunteers. How did we select our top candidates, and why? What made them stand out? And why were other applications unsuccessful? We’re sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our the recruitment process, to help applicants understand what conservation employers
Do you think conservation jobs are just about watching and studying wildlife? Are you curious about what exists beyond research in the conservation sector? Do you want to know if it’s possible (and easy) to pivot into non-research jobs – like business, nonprofit or social enterprise? Then you’ll love this special podcast episode from two
Do you have experience in health care? Do you want a career that promotes health and wellbeing but also enhances the environment? Thrive’s revolutionary therapy centres are integrating nature and health care. Will you join them? Talking to Mark Lang, Thrive’s Communications Manager, it’s easy to feel the strong team ethics Thrive encourages. This was
Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, how has this person done so much in such a short space of time? I felt like that speaking to today’s inspiring guest – Josh Powell. Joshua is a conservation biologist and presenter for the WWF Voices campaign on global biodiversity, covering conservation issues from the
Do you ever wish you could read conservation employers’ minds to know exactly what they want? We spend lots of time thinking about what we want in our careers, and how we might get there. But what if we could gain insight into the top conservation skills that employers seek in their employees, those skills
What unique challenges do women in conservation face? Are self-sabotage and imposter syndrome more common in women? How can women conservationists gain more support in their careers? Explore the barriers and opportunities for the women who’ve dedicated their careers to conserving ‘mother Earth’! Join us for a free webinar with Kirsty Crawford and Laura Cuppage of &
Climate change has never been more relevant. In the quest for solutions, one project in Siberia seeks to restore the mammoth steppe, a vast grassland ecosystem that once stretched from Alaska to Europe. This mammoth-sized plan could halt permafrost melt and stop the ticking time bomb of greenhouse gases stored within. The best part? It’s
In this episode we’re speaking with Dr Stephanie Schuttler from the world of Fancy Scientist. Stephanie is an unconventional wildlife biologist, entrepreneur, and careers adviser who has spent nearly two decades studying all over the world. She’s also author of ‘Getting a Job in Wildlife Biology: What It’s Like and What You Need to Know’. We
One conservation job, 600 applicants. Even for a notoriously competitive sector, it seems an impossibly high number. But we recently heard from two conservation employers who received over 500 and 600 applicants each for single job openings. High volumes of applications are most common for highly-appealing entry-level and early career roles, where there is often a
Housing and caring for 68,000 plants is no joke! It takes a dedicated team of over 1,000 staff to look after the world’s largest botanical collection. Home to some of the most endangered plants in the world, Kew Gardens has made news headlines year after year for their devotion to plant conservation. Kew’s amazing horticultural
At Conservation Careers we’re on a mission to help conservationists achieve career success, and create a world where wildlife thrives. We believe all conservationists should be able to pursue the best training opportunities, have the best experiences, conduct meaningful research and lead impactful conservation projects to boost their careers and ultimately help wildlife thrive. But
Shawn Heinrichs is an Emmy Winning Cinematographer, photographer and conservation storyteller. He is a co-founder of SeaLegacy, an organisation pushing for an abundant, healthy ocean and planet. Shawn uses imagery and words to share the compelling stories of ocean species who otherwise don’t have a voice. Are you interested in a career in conservation photography
Does the idea of working on coral reef conservation using cutting edge science excite you? How about living on an island helping tourists to participate and learn about coral conservation? Conservation Careers Blogger Bill Boteler interviewed Simon Dixon to learn about his work restoring damaged coral reefs. Simon is the Marine Discovery Centre Manager at