Do you have an active interest in conservation? The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) Course may help you | 24 July – 4 August 2017

Do you have an active interest in conservation? The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) Course may help you | 24 July – 4 August 2017

The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) course is a two week introduction to the issues and practical skills involved in saving threatened species from extinction. You will develop a critical understanding of biodiversity conservation and the issues it raises, as well as practical research skills. This course is perfectly suited for those wanting an up to date summary, and has also proved invaluable to those considering a career change to conservation as a profession.

Applications for this essential course are welcome – please also share this opportunity with your network of contacts.

We are world leaders in saving species from extinction and empowering others to run conservation projects worldwide, operating right at the interface between animals in the wild and those in captivity.

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  • Dr Vikash Tatayah – DESMAN 2000 –  “The course was really an eye-opener. Although I had been in conservation for a few years prior to the course, the DESMAN really helped me put what I was doing into a perspective, and was like the cement between the blocks!”  “If anyone has asked me about the course, I have only encouraged them and my own staff to go for the course”  “the friendships developed there are for life”
  • Mr Graeme Crook – DESMAN 1985 – The training course…”Provided me with the knowledge that conservation and zoos were not mutually exclusive and that the concept of breeding endangered species in captivity was a component of successful conservation initiatives. I had always believed that breeding endangered species should be the principal role for zoos and seeing how this fitted into the big picture was an essential part of my education and certainly guided me in my future employment.” “The mix of practical and theoretical experience provided was excellent”
  • Mr Les Basford – Callitrichid and lemur husbandry 2010 – “The course itself was a wealth of information on all aspects of these and other Primate species. Nutrition, environment, enclosure design, social grouping, species selection etc. were all examined in innovative and thought provoking ways.” “I cannot speak highly enough of all aspects of this course; excellent in every way” 
  • Ms Agatha Ogada – Management and Leadership 2015 – “Leadership and knowing the type of leader I am has been very instrumental in working with my team and others, it has especially helped me communicate better with my team and fully utilize the skills of the team members” “I now can honestly say I enjoy my work” “I feel more confident and motivated in my work”
  • Dr Earl Campbell – DESMAN 1985 – “Overall the training, both in the class and on site at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, caused me to reconsider my long-term career goals and how I could “best” impact endangered species conservation with the skill set I have” “One of the “key” experiences that I can recall that determined the direction of my future career”
  • Dr Claudio Padua – DESMAN 1982 – “The training with Durrell was of utmost importance in giving me not only specific conservation practical knowledge but specially in giving me an international perspective as well as important to tools to work in this arena. It also was important in helping me in giving the first steps in the international network of conservationists.” “It gave me the tools to create a real impact in the conservation world.” “the basis for all the good things I have done in my career” “It was also very important to improve my English knowledge and this is of course opened many doors in my work.”

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